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What does tryanny looks like?

It comes in different forms.

The word tyranny conjures up the image of pitch forks and mob lynchings for people hence they reject the notion outright. After all, we're civilized, right?

Not really.

A civilized society doesn't do this:

"...Now, the business is at the center of a heated debate after owner John Interval was fined $750 for refusing to cut a woman’s hair.

She filed an action with the state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.
That agency imposed the fine for gender discrimination after a state investigator visited the business and interviewed Interval.

“I didn’t really consider it so much a discrimination thing as – it’s a barbershop… for guys,” Interval said. "

Practically, a barber shop is not equipped to cut women's hair nor are barbers specialized in cutting women's hair.

I can just picture A) someone tabling legislation forcing barbers to ensure they're *properly* equipped and B) a woman like this idiot taking a barber to court for messing their hair up good.

People have lost their fricken minds.

This is not about "justice" or "fairness" or "rights". If you think it is, I reckon you need to readjust your take on things.

This is just a trouble maker looking to make a needless point. It will not benefit humanity.


One of the NBA's greatest all-time centers has died. Moses Malone died in his sleep at the age of 60.

As a Sixers fan who remembers those great 76ers teams of the early 80s, I must say this was sad. A team that's very under rated often lost in the Celtics-Lakers shuffle. 

Fo, fo, fo!


The irrational attacks on Uber continue.

CNN Money takes it's ignorant shot.

"After all, on-demand workers are a sizable piece of the U.S. workforce. A recent study found that 34% of U.S. workers are freelancers. Meanwhile, 40% of those surveyed said they worked for two or more companies -- and half said they struggled to find enough work.
According to NELP senior staff attorney Sarah Leberstein, who co-authored NELP's study, the workforce looks "a lot more like turn of the century sweatshops."

Yes, those awful 'free-lance' sweat shops of yesteryear! It takes a certain kind of fear-mongering asshole to make such an analogy. Those Uber workers really are in dire straits.

Fuck off.

Look pal, with moronic quotes like that you're on the wrong side of history. And that goes for this article's merry band of dumbass commenters.

"NCNick 5 days ago
The .00001% have won and the 99.99999% are too simple to understand that they lost the economic war.  What can you expect when one side holds most of the weapons and the other side is too simple to use the only weapon (shear numbers of people) they have.

In my humble opinion, the .00001% should win the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for the more than effective propaganda campaign that has some (mostly on the far Right) convinced that they have a chance to be "In the club".

Who needs Slavery when you have the Uber Economy.  The poor are enslaving themselves. 


/Donkey paw face palm.

Congrats to CNN. They know how to peer into the souls of the ign'rant.


Arab press reacts to Syrian refugee crisis.

Maybe there's hope. A few more like these and they'll stop blaming 'Da Joooos!' and America for all their problems.

"...We should feel some sense of shame for being victims of an education [based on] curses, which has been adopted by all the circles, schools, speeches and platforms—from the pan-Arabists and the Nasserites to the Ba'thists and the Islamic extremists. After all these curses and inculcation of hatred, we discover that the [norms of] tolerance and acceptance [that characterize] European society have become a goal worth risking our lives for[.] Europe is now home to 11 million Arab immigrants... who have attained rights and have a prospect of receiving citizenship, equality and justice under the law—all the things whose absence drove them to flee their Arab countries of origin..."

"Stop talking about the hypocrisy of [Western] morals and values, because reality exposes nothing but our own ugly countenance."

It's about time. Sheesh. 


Speaking of which, I just hope we don't let emotions drive our policies. Flashing the picture of that poor child washed up on the beach is not a way to set an agenda.

As for Hungary. They claim that they're shutting their border down to protect itself and Europe.

This may sound arrogant if not downright weird but clearly they're thinking of history.

Throughout European history, Central and Eastern Europe have had to bear the brunt (and do the fighting as well as Italy. These countries are connected to Asia and were the first to face invasions and incursions from the East and even Africa. 

Hungary and Austria have had to fight many a wars fighting off the The Golden Horde, the Ottomans and Muslims. It was an Islamic Jihad on Hungary as they see it.

Venice too contributed to the Ottoman wars and then there was the Battle of Vienna.


I submit my hipster-douche of the year.

“He believes in himself and his causes, and he’ll get through this one way or another,” Randi Hespelt said. “He has support behind him if he needs it.”

Ian Hespelt, who has a distinctive handlebar mustache, was arrested Saturday night outside AT&T Park, where Billy Joel was performing. Officers on bicycle patrol spotted him by his unmistakable facial hair and also noted his bike matched one seen in the video of the attack, police said.

Idiot terrorist (let's call him Idiot Al-Sumting) had idiotic life and was killed by the CIA like the hypocritical idiot he was.


Carly Fiorina is clearly the most stable and sensible candidate from both parties.


What is a wound collector?

From Psychology Today:

"In essence these are individuals who go out of their way to collect social slights, historical grievances, injustices, unfair or disparate treatment, or wrongs—whether real or imagined (Dangerous Personalities (link is external)2014 Rodale Publishing).
They don’t forgive or forget and they don’t move on. They wallow in the actual or often perceived transgressions of others and they allow sentiments of animosity and vengeance to percolate and froth at the surface by their constant and attentive nurturing of those perceived wounds. As you can imagine, in an imperfect world where there are real injustices, where people make mistakes, and stupid things are said and done, the wound collector never has to go far to feel victimized.

Quite conversely, the wound collector not only hangs on to the wounds he perceives, he goes out and collects more wounds by selectively looking for those things that support his entrenched beliefs. Through flawed observations, logic, or reasoning, the wound collector is hobbled by a “confirmation bias” that systematically reinforces a pre-existing belief or position.  Convinced of their beliefs, even in the face of contrary evidence, they become saturated and hobbled by their self-created toxic brew of irrational biases. This irrationality in turn breeds hate and contempt for others—two key features abundantly present with wound collectors.

Beyond a mere injustice, something we have all experienced, psychological wounding drives deep into the psyche of the individual. This causes them to develop maladaptive patterns of behavior, thinking, or interacting that are inflexible, antagonistic, interfere with interpersonal relationships or that are significantly distressing to the individual.

For these folks there is never a fix or a cure. Nothing is ever good enough and apologies mean nothing. For them, there is always yet another event they perceive as a slight or a grievance. For them the world holds nothing but nastiness and it affects how they see the world and how they react to the world—suspiciously and with contempt. When irrationality, antagonism, and rigidity combine with unyielding overconfidence in their own sentiments and beliefs go unchecked or are not attenuated, these individual become metastable—ready to ignite and explode

By now I hope you realize that this will not be the last we will hear of wound collectors. And while it is true, as I said in the beginning, that humans are complex and there are many reasons why they do things—here is one more phenomenon to look at. It is also recognized that many times the narcissistic personality, the paranoid personality, as well as the anti-social and the borderline personality disordered quite often themselves have traits of the wound collector. "

A real healthy bunch. They can be found at Daily Kos, Jezebel, Salon and other self-proclaimed victims of something and the perpetually outraged.

Loud mouth'd shnooks is what I call them.


Former tennis star James Blake mistakenly tackled by NYPD.

Whatever happened to discreetly asking 'Police. Can we have a word with you?'

Lord me.


50 spies (and one dentist) agree: The Obama administration is hurting national security.

This is no good.

"More than 50 intelligence analysts working out of the U.S. military’s Central Command have formally complained that their reports on ISIS and al Qaeda’s branch in Syria were being inappropriately altered by senior officials, The Daily Beast has learned.

The complaints spurred the Pentagon’s inspector general to open an investigation into the alleged manipulation of intelligence. The fact that so many people complained suggests there are deep-rooted, systemic problems in how the U.S. military command charged with the war against the self-proclaimed Islamic State assesses intelligence.

“The cancer was within the senior level of the intelligence command,” one defense official said."

At all.

If accurate - and it probably is - the Obama administration is changing intelligence to fit their narrative. Under Bush, you could fault faulty intelligence or misinterpreting them. Under Obama, they're deliberately fabricating stuff.

Sounds like treason to me.

But hey.

I'm old school.

Let's leave it at cancerous.

All under this administration.

Great stuff from the best liberal site around: The Daily Beast.


'Made in' branding key to success.

The top five countries with the best 'Made in' reputation are the United States, France, Germany, Japan and Italy.

Canada did not make the cut.

Did you know the pretzel was invented in Italy?


  1. While I understand the necessity for business practices like that of Uber in today's social/economic climate, I still harbor distrust for any kind of "freelance" style business verses more orderly professional services--- heavily regulated and held to high standards.
    If the governments have become so corrupt or slack that regulations are more ego trips than about public safety and reliable service, and enforcement of even good regulations are "just a joke", then reforming the concept of what comprises "governing" is really what's needed ("probability factor" notwithstanding).

    About the refugees:
    Those generous European countries will invariably be forced circumstantially to finally have to close their borders in spite of the humanitarian crisis that result from such actions, simply because their economic, social, and physical infrastructures can't endure such an excess influx of "outsiders".

    1. "...still harbor distrust for any kind of "freelance" style business verses more orderly professional services--- heavily regulated and held to high standards.
      If the governments have become so corrupt or slack that regulations are more ego trips than about public safety and reliable service..."

      Absolutely, wholeheartedly and emphatically disagree.

      What "high standards?" Orderly professional services? This a monopolistic service here we're talking about.

      That "freelance" business is creating jobs. Not sure why we look upon freelancing as suspicious. We've been conditioned to buy into if it doesn't have a government stamp it must be bad vaudeville dance. That's how far off our entrepreneurial instincts we've gone.

      We should always accept new entries into free market. This is how we improve and offer consumer choices; to say nothing of competitive pries. Uber offers a unique product that, and this is the key here: Consumers WANT. I see no danger whatsoever in Uber and the attacks against it are from entrenched interests and the usual collection and assortment of cronies and anti-capitalists. The licenses and permits aspect of all this is just that - a racket. This idea we need to 'regulate' a company in an industry because of misplaced fears is nonsense.

      Like I tell people who complain about the Patriots. GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO YOUR JOBS. And maybe, just maybe the lethargic attitude that comes with a captive market handed to you will disappear. Heck, you may even clean your cab!

    2. And here's another positive for Uber:


      Cabs meanwhile drive around irresponsibly.

      As you can tell, whenever a new product enters a market I support that development lest we become stagnant and rooted in complacency.

      More Ubers and Lyft please.

      Monopolies get ZERO sympathy from me.

    3. I think it has a lot to do with the concept of looking for and verifying "credibility".
      There's always a certain degree of insecurity involving the potential of being scammed by "unknowns" or "unprovens" resulting in the "need to" either stick to the tried-and-true, or to be reassured of the "legitimacy" of whoever you're doing business with.
      "Trust factor" issues are tricky.

    4. I think the trust is already there. I know people who have used it and continue to do so. What's left is entrenched interests trying to mess it up. I would use Uber in a jiffy if I had to.

  2. Being so cynical and, by my own admission, a bit paranoid---not to mention very persnickety and "perfectionistic"---I wonder if i myself might not often be a bit of a "wound collector".
    I hate to think of myself as being that type, but at the same time I don't put it past myself to at least be occasionally guilty of thinking that way under select circumstance and when in a certain frame-of-mind.

  3. Why doesn't that lady (in the first article of this post) simply go somewhere else to get her hair cut?
    What about those businesses that have a sign on the wall: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone"?
    You'd think a silly haircut is a matter of life-or-death.
    Oh...and why are the officials getting involved in matters like these, sometimes so overzealously?


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