Phrases I Hate

'Vote against your interest' as in: I don't understand why people would vote against their interest!

It's a stupid phrase and I'll tell you why.

Well, first it's one you progressives say a lot. So there's that.

Second, it's vapid and meaningless as so many of these political jargon-phrases are.

It's usually borne out of not facts but good old fashioned presumptuousness and projection.

Not poor pundit privileged progressive will say something to the effect of: 'You're poor and vote conservative? Why would you vote against your interest?'

Maybe because they believe conservative principles and perhaps policies (sometimes they don't always flow with one another) usually focusing on empowering better serves the poor as opposed to enabling them with welfare and 'free shit'?

It's a blanket statement that assumes people think and move in one direction. Presumably in the progressive direction; which probably is why they invented the phrase.

To express surprise (rage and disappointment) at how stupid people are for not seeing things their way.

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