More On Idiot Professors Pushing RICO

Here's more on those dopes who want to bring skeptics on RICO charges (I swear my blood boils each time I write that). Jagadish Shukla, makes 750 grand a year off TAXPAYER dollars.

Cui bono?

Know what's worse than a climate zealot? One who profits off the scare-mongering and sucks off taxpayer dollars only to make the evil decision to sign a petition arguing to put in prison; people who pay their salaries.

Think of this. Shukla would put me (or you) in prison - a father (or mother) who provides for his family - for the crime of disagreeing with him. All for climate change? All because I take the stance I don't believe man's arrogance can change jack shit except to expropriate more money from me that will end up in the hands of cronies?
They're evil in their souls. 

Why are scientists letting themselves be politicized like this? It's insane and will destroy the integrity of science.

By the way. Historically, this is how the golden age of Islamic science ended. You people who support creeps like this know this, right? Right.

As someone specifically pointed out, through the Qalawun complex.

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