North American Politics: Slim Pickings

Man oh man are there characters littering the political landscape in North American. In Canada, we have two people gunning for Harper's job who, quite frankly, don't impress me one bit. Mulcair bats for a left-wing loony bin while Trudeau uses drama laced with vapidity to push whatever the Liberals stand for these days.

Canada would be worse off with either them in control.

Reagan once said 'I didn't leave the Democrat party, it left me." Well same here. I didn't leave the Liberals, it left me.

As for the the United States, Sanders, Hillary, Trump, Carson, and Fiorina all make for quite the salad.

I know everyone is fixated on Trump. Trump is a special type of narcissist. He made billions, sure, but mostly knowing how to leverage tax dollars to his advantage. He's a crony. A truly substantial individual doesn't talk this way.

However, best to recall, Sanders is a socialist with whacked out economic notions that are dangerous, Hillary carries baggage and none of it good. She was a sub-par Secretary of State and administered a self-inflicted misdeed such with the email scandal. I thought good judgment was a prerequisite to be, you know, a leader. Or Americans who support these two that delusional?

Fiorina, despite all her faults, seems downright normal next to those mentioned above.

Plus she's a pretty effective speaker.

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