Of MUHC And Tom Brady And The Patriots

What a mess.

This Brady ruling and recent events at the MUHC.

First the MUCH. It's gonna be the bestest super hospital evah were the cries! Remember that? And remember when I said 'not gonna happen'? Not with our track record.

Who's your daddy?

It's not that hard to predict how things go down in Montreal and Quebec. We suck at state of the art big projects. Simple as that. We're so full of corruption and incompetence we may as well star in a black and white Keystone Kops shorty.

Desolate spaces, terrible architecture that gives the impression the work will never be complete, mismanagement, money disappearing in the hands of shysters, doctors not getting promised offices, and now leakage.

What a fucken joke.

Vermont puts up one of the most beautiful hospitals in the North east with a population of 600 000 and the grand old boastful city of Montreal can't even put up gyp rock right.

It's not for lack of talent or ability see. It's just good old fashioned Tammany Hall like stupidity.

The day I see Montreal give contracts where deserved in a transparent and fair manner is the day I'll consider this town first rate.

Until then. Second rate it is!

Speaking of podunk behavior. Man oh man is Roger Goodell's tenure as NFL Commissioner taking some serious licks.

First he whiffed on the Ray Rice thing. And along came Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to further expose just how incompetent the NFL is.

After Judge Berman absolutely obliterated - I mean eviscerated and emasculated - the NFL for its retarded and hysterical reaction to inflated footballs, one would have thunk they'd back off. Instead, they, in their finite wisdom, decided to appeal the judge's ruling of over turning Brady's four game suspension.

The whole affair stank of skunk's breath from the beginning. Wells wasn't so impartial looks like while the NFL seemed to wanna 'get' the Patriots for some reason. Something about past bad behavior or something dubious.

I tend to fall in line - even though something must have happened with the balls but there NEVER was any evidence - with this is all driven by pure hatred of the Patriots.

Which is really not an exception in sports.

At different intervals in sports history there have been many hated teams.

The Yankees, Brazil in soccer (admittedly among a small circle of hard core soccer enthusiasts for the simple reason people tend to not look behind the glamour. The same reasons their hated rivals from Argentina are accused of for cynical and rough play, Brazil gets a pass), ditto Germany's national side (you win they will hate you),  the Oakland Raiders, the Dallas Cowboys of the 90s, Manchester United, Arsenal, Leeds United of the 60s and 70s, Bayern Munich of the 70s, Oakland A's of the 70s, USA basketball, the L.A. Lakers in the 2000s, Barcelona of the 2000s (despite popularity), Duke Blue Devils, the Montreal Canadiens (well, to Sabres, Whalers, Bruins and Nordiques fans in particular), the Boston Celtics, the Philadelphia Flyers of the 70s, the Miami Hurricanes of the 1980s, Ferrari in F1 in the 1990s, Juventus in Serie A, the New Jersey Devils, Detroit Pistons to name a few. Internationally,  in soccer Italy was universally despised during the 1990s (I personally thought they were awesome and smarter than most teams which bug the shit out of Northern Europeans. That boob-dink Blatter only added to this when he did not present Italy with the Jules Rimet trophy in 2006 as was customary) as were the Soviets in hockey from the 60s through the 90s.

And whatever team you care to insert here. All the above teams were dominant in some form or another.

When you dominate, you're hated; especially if you don't play a certain style the mass audience wants to see.

It's no different with the Patriots.

Are they angels? No doubt all the above teams have 'something' to dislike but it's often intensely subjective and often not even objective on any level.

But the infractions they've been cited for hardly change one simple fact:

They're better than everyone else.

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