Hey Obama...

Mind sending over a cite showing Christians pull shit like this?

Much appreciated!

Look forward to more of your questionable history lessons and relativist bull shit!

"Mysterious fumes in two Afghan schools have sent more than 300 girls to a hospital this week -- and officials suspect the incidents were deliberate.

On Thursday, 115 girls from a school in Herat city were hospitalized after they were poisoned with some type of gas, Herat Regional Hospital spokesman Mohammad Rafiq Sherzai said."

I presume you do know what goes on (you know, the pedophile raping of boys by Pashtuns for example) in Afghanistan, right?


While we're at it. I'm curious. What are you doing about the systematic persecution and murders of Christians in Muslim countries?

Yeah. Thought so. Much like your predictable silence on the fact a gay black dude shot down to white Americans, I don't expect much leadership from you on this issue.

Did I say leadership?

My bad.

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