Protected Canadian Dairy Industry Faces Possible Entry Of American Competitors; Tears Ensues - Sky Is Falling

Ah yes. When Canadians over rate their own stuff while bashing American products. Yes, because American milk is made with GMO's and the blood of innocent cows. 

Same crap with the ridiculous 'we have better beer' claim.

That good old tiresome navel-gazing. Gotta use it to prove we're alive and exist.

Good is all I can say if competition comes here. Canada seriously doesn't have enough of it in many industries because of its monopolistic and tightly regulated approach. In the end, consumers get screwed by having less access and choice while being forced to pay prices that have less to do with market forces and more with price manipulation.

Worse, we somehow have tied this as some sort of superior economic nationalism.

Never will you ever hear me oppose more competition particularly in  and certainly not for bull shit reasons.


Not wine or beer where the process can get pretty complex if not artistic.

Farmers, like most unionized and protected industries, are good at fear-mongering and appealing to emotions. I don't believe for one second our milk is superior to any other country any more I think we have a better health care system or whatever.

The idea that Canadian milk is a better product thanks to pricing fixing and quotas is just plain retarded. 

How about this. How about producing good quality milk at reasonable prices free of heavy subsidies and political protection.

How about that?

Oh. It's worth mentioning we're not the biggest dairy consumers here and I hate milk.

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  1. I like cheddar and colby cheese.
    Milk tends to go sour too quickly and doesn't digest very well in my system.

    I agree about monopolies and freedom-of-choice.
    What I would like to see is a return to having a variety of different kinds of products instead of the usual "40 varieties of raisin brand" stuff.
    Have a commercial market like we had back in the 60s and 70s.


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