Things I See In Montreal That Make Me Vomit In My Mouth

I don't drive into Montreal much anymore.

The traffic and construction is simply too much for me. It's rare you have a nice, peaceful drive deep into the city without encountering horrific traffic or those grating 'Detour' signs.

But from time to time you have to and I have to just keep my aggravation in check.

Anyway. Stopped at a red light at Ave. du Parc (Park Ave.) and Pine Ave. I noticed a giant sign on the side of a building with a 'Palestine Libre' display. Not surprising given Quebec's historical position on the matter; particularly French-Canadian nationalists who tend to be anti-semitic.

I wanted to vomit.

Imagine that. Imagine if you're Jewish - a community that did so much for Montreal - going to class at McGill and you have to see that political crap? The irony is despite its aggressive posturing, Jews have done more for this city than Palestinians ever could. And for me, this is a relevant reality.

Imagine if a Jew put up a a sign 'Keep Israel Safe' somewhere how people would react.

More and more I want to keep to myself and avoid going into the hypocritical madness.

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