Everybody Has A Backstory: Don't Over Rate Yours

Today, everyone is losing sight of the fact they're not necessarily a unique butterfly. In fact, we're all pretty much the same. Sure, some have more remarkable stories to tell but on the grand scheme of things, most of us are on the same level.

I don't give a shit who you are - insert profession, creed, income, race, grades etc.

You're past experiences are not a reason to shut down another person's point of view.

Nor can it be leveraged to pass some sophomoric opinion on subjective matters such as humor and comedy lest you come off sounding like a jack ass or snooty. Or both.

As you can tell, I hold no reservations about calling somebody out for their bull shit and bull shit justifications for acting like a bull shit nanny.

You can't take offense to someone's comment or opinion or joke by explaining your past experience because it presumes the person making the comment doesn't have one of their own. Sure, you can express your disappointment or dismay or whatever to which a discussion could ensue but if you make it a habit you're nothing but a trouble maker who needs to deal with your own issues.

There are people out there just make a fucken issue out of everything and anything and in today's climate it only seems to be heightened. They feel empowered and embolden.

I can just imagine what happens on emails on a daily basis across the continent. It must be impossibly insufferable; corporate or personal. There must be so many SJW Retards taking offense to something it's enough to leave you depressed.

This is why you shouldn't let them get the upper hand. They play on your emotions like the SJW Retard did before. They present themselves as rational but once you don't allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated you're able to see clearer. That is, the argument presented is not rational at all.

It's just a ploy - wittingly or otherwise - to force you to fall into line.

Unfortunately, most people rather than make an issue of it just follow to shut the person up.

While understandable (who wants to contend with an emotional wreck? They can be dangerous) the problem with this is won't stop at this. The SJW Retard will literally find a problem with anyone; even the most harmless person who goes out of their way to avoid trouble.

SJW Retard excels in looking for trouble. They crave it. They're sociopaths.

They're social bullies.

And the best way to handle a bully in my experience is to fight them.

The second they make their plea you call bull shit and you stand your ground.

In my case, it started with a word. Then it was a statistic. Now it was a joke.

Thrice the SJW Retard took offense. Thrice he presented no logical reason for his offense. Just a jumbled mish mash of personal anecdotes and insults.

When you present a statistic and the person responds with a "my son is a goalie in a fancy school ergo I know talent better than you ergo your (as if I owned the statistic) stats are useless (ergo I'm useless) ergo shut up and listen to me" you know you're up against it.

They move goal posts and argue in bad faith.

Make your presence felt but don't push it. SJW Retard is arrogant enough to not consider your perspective. He'll even humor you as he rolls his eyes (this is a skill I learned to 'feel' on social media). No amount of rational replies will work because they will just engage in circular logic in order to ensnare you because in the end they feel they 'get it' and you don't.

It's just so and just because with them.

The SJW Retard doesn't care about your background; less so if you're white and male. It's a way for them to further create a cocoon of victimhood. They need to downplay other backstories to prop their own little narrative.

It's a psychological condition and I have no idea how to rid of it. I hope it will run its course and is just a generational thing but I'm not sure it is. Many of these people in College are moving into positions of power and some already have. The results have been predictable.

Just go on any website that covers such issues: Salon, The Nation, New Republic, American Thinker, Reason, The College Fix, Huffington, National Review, The Daily Beast. It's enough to make your tears turn to blood. Needless to say, the left-wing liberal sites generally support it while the conservative and libertarian ones don't. I unequivocally, unabashedly side with the latter.

Politicians and judges need to stop giving currency and power to them; it only enables their desire to wreak havoc. They can and will demand things from people backed by the coercive power of the state (bake a cake, pizza etc. as we've seen in the USA).

If not, expect things to get worse before they get better.


Emotional manipulation. How does it work?

To SJW Retard. Follow his nose! He always knows!

 "It's a sad fact, I am not proud of it, that I saw my first case of child abuse in the Children's ER about 37 years ago.

I was a student, I remember all too well that child and the whip marks up and down his body.
This wonderful staff doctor,  tried to teach me how to be neutral and "professional".
So I try, but it doesn't always work."

"I've seen so many things, things that would wrench your heart.
Or anyway they brought tears to my eyes.
Really, I honestly tell you, that on this subject I am in a completely different league than you are."

Just a reminder. This was a response to a lousy joke a poolster made. It got blown waaayyyy out of proportion because, well, see below. The above is to point out the fact the SJW Retard insists we listen to his experience as the only source as to what constitutes 'good humor'.

That he had such heart-wrenching experiences (never once considering a comedian or person making jokes could have similar experiences - only his matters as we clearly see by his own admission) it's only proper we tread carefully.

Lemme try and make a parody.

"It's a sad fact, I am not proud of it, that I saw my first case of animal abuse at Bovine University, oh, about 37 years ago when Troy McClure raped me with his thoughts. I was just a young lad no different than you (I only ended up being better than you because I am a Light Bringer to people), enjoying a burger with the guys after a game of baseball (or Yahtzee). I was a student in grade school, I remember all too well that branded cow marked for death (only he wasn't Steven Seagal. There was no martial arts god to save him) on his stupid meathead. I was so disturbed I had to name him Patty. This wonderful teacher who was by my side tried to teach me how to be 'neutral' and 'professional' and to not be a pussy. So I try, but it doesn't always work. Dammit! Don't you see? To this day, whenever I see people eat burgers I think of that cow. And you should too! Take my experience. FEEL IT!  This is why I don't think the Bovine University clip you sent was appropriate. Ask your local butcher, wife, or someone else in the community you respect. Ask the local whore for all I care. Just ask because they will agree with me. They will feel me and be sympathetic; nay, empathetic. It was unfunny and brought back difficult memories for me. Can't you see that? If not, you're just an ignorant person who has no soul."

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