Deflategate: It Never Happened

Amazing. Truly amazing how the Goodell and the NFL tried to take down a dominant team.

It's the classic case of trying to take down the best on a big stage.

The New England Patriots are an incredibly well-coached and well-run operation churning out talent after talent while beating everyone in the league - well, except the New York Giants for some reason.

All these lies and deception and attempts to destroy an organization points to human nature doesn't it? Humans, rather than admit their own failures or faults thus preventing them from making meaningful changes to improve, will always point the finger or pit the blame at something else.

The shame in all this is Brady will forever be branded a "cheater" by dumbasses. His reputation was damaged as was the Patriots organization. Now other organizations will just pile on the Pats. The Colts started this despite (and should always be reminded) having been decimated in the playoffs by the Patriots. One game into this season the Pittsburgh Steelers shamelessly and cynically attempted to mask their failures in a loss to New England by blaming head set failures and on an obscure defensive line movement. The Steelers! One of the top organizations in pro football!

One notch they lost on my list.

All for, and I mentioned this when this stupid story broke out, a completely meaningless offense that should never have been blown out of proportion like it has. 

With the Eagles poised for a sub-par if not disastrous season, I think I may very well pull for the Patriots this year.

The injustice perpetuated on them compels me to.

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