Living Wage: The Big Appeal To Emotion In The Sky

Oh, look. Obama's claim that minimum wage doesn't cost jobs is wrong.

Not that it's surprising. He has no formal background in finance or business. 

Gotta give The Washington Post credit. They're at least doing their jobs.


"When banks and retail pay those incredibly low wages, the taxpayers pick up the difference in food stamps and all sorts of supplemental social programs. From the very first minimum wage we've heard the mantra that it will force businesses to close. That's a crock. Have you heard of any McDonald's closing? It will just increase prices somewhat."

First of all, pal, banks don't pay "incredibly low wages." Second, fine. Every time someone says this offer them a deal. Okay, we'll agree to pay more IF you cut off social programs and lower taxes.

Would they bite?

I think we know the answer, because the children.

As for the appeal to emotion in the SF Chronicle article, how about this? DON'T HAVE MORE KIDS.

This commenter gets closer to the heart:

"First of all, these people who work at fast food should get some ambition to get an education in order to get a better job. Fast food workers should never consider that work to be their life's calling. No pity here."

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