Canada Posts Blows Home Delivery Out

Canada Post, as a Crown Corporation is a monopoly.

Did I mention a monopoly?

That it's shedding unionized jobs doesn't bother me much. The last time they went on strike pissed me off it was such an inconvenience.

Some clown was trying to make the claim this is the work of the 'free-market.' What free-market? Canada doesn't have a "free-market" in several industries.

Believe me, privatize all these dead-beats FREE OF CRONYISM and we'd get better service, choices and prices. I guarantee you won't see no insidious $1 per stamp. Someone tried to claim it would be $2. Idiot. Competition DRIVES PRICES DOWN through efficiency, economies of scale etc. If a business attempts to price gouge, especially in this day and age is committing suicide.

The ignorance. It hurts. Hard.

We've been so conditioned to be skeptical of business we don't have a healthy view or understanding of what business is anymore. La, la, la.

The one thing that concerns me, aside from the inconvenience,  is the vandalizing and identity theft associated with community boxes. In short, I simply don't trust the government to do it properly.

And don't give me the 'save environment' crap. Mailmen may not use them anymore but where I didn't have to get into a car to get my mail, may be the case now.

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