Best Western Primrose Does Right By Customer

When I have a bad experience with a company I use the power of this blog to recount the story.

It's only right to do the same when you receive great service.

Due to an illness and death I could not make my intermittent trip to Andy Kim's Christmas Show in Toronto. This meant I had to cancel my hotel reservation. I missed the 6pm cut off to notify the hotel of my cancellation by a couple of hours and was a long shot to not have the room charged to my credit card.

I called and first spoke to an agent who then - after learning of my story - connected me to customer service representative who in turn was in communication with the manager.

Long story short, the manager allowed the cancellation to go through without a charge.

It seems these people understand life gets in the way sometimes and though policies should be respected it shouldn't necessarily come at the expense of customer satisfaction.

All I can say to Brian and John over at Best Western Primrose in Toronto, thanks.

I generally always stay at a Best Western (or Hampton or Holiday Inn depending on vacancy) especially in Toronto (five times in the past six years) and this only solidifies my trust and satisfaction with them.

I'll be back. 

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