Misguided Government Policies Inflate Cost Of Education

Fantastic interview by Nick Gillespie at Reason with Mike Rowe.

I meant to link to Rowe a while ago about a lecture he gave somewhere but never got around to it but this will do.

This is for all you young folks out there who believe your only way out or solution is to make education free. Don't follow that path. Don't follow those people; especially politicians who are only out to get your vote. You will lose in the long-run. Wise up. No one owes you anything and they most certainly don't deserve to subsidize other people's education where costs are largely due to government regulation.

We all have our own problems.

Mike Rowe is definitely a likeable guy and Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch are among my favorite shows on TV.

My wife loves the guy. Even likes it when I wear caps.

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