Quebec Empowering Assholes

Loonwatch reported this exchange between a xenophobic Quebecer and some poor woman in a hijab.

“This is our home! With Marois, we’re going to take off your hat.”

Before you go off and say this is "isolated' I'm gonna counter with it's not.

This shit has been going on for decades.

If I would sit and collect data from my circle of friends and family, there would be a story of similar incidence for the majority of them.

I've been victim of such people.

During the 1995 referendum, my father went to collect his rents from tenants. One of them told him before handing over the cheque, "enjoy your last rent before we take over."

My father responded "I'll burn MY building to the ground before you degenerates touch it."

And believe me, old school immigrants who worked a lifetime for what they owned who know all too well what happens when nationalists take over, they would torch things before seeing in the hands of the PQ and its hordes of xenophobes.

I'm not kidding. This is the base - the lowest common denominator - the Parti Quebcois continuously and dangerously panders to - with the aid of the Liberal party when it's acting like a bunch of cowards.

Most mature societies try to isolate such people. Not in Quebec because apparently they represent a huge voting block.


I'm not for the hacker group Anonymous playing the role of social vigilante. Aside from not being an elected body, they likely are a bunch of highly skilled, smart kids without much real real life experience couple with remedial philosophical skills and abilities to understand history and complex political issues.

However, I must admit I smiled maliciously when they threatened the political-deviant and deliciously deceptive Pauline Marois and her retarted Charter appealing to retarded assholes.

Assholes like we see in the video.


Speaking of assholes, Bernie Landry has choice words for Maria Mourani - an ethnic kicked out of the PQ for voicing her opposition to the Charter and turning Federalist. I never understood how any person of non-Francophone heritage would ever join the ranks of the PQ. They will NEVER be accepted by them. First, all the old horses have to die off and hopefully a more moderate wing of the PQ take over. Until then, all you are is "les autres" and will be used as a pawn in their ethnic-tribal-nationalist game. They're no different than nativist right-wing parties in Europe or extreme American organizations on the fringes of American political discourse. The irony is Quebec's tribal impulses have currency in elections, in America they're treated as aberrations of the political process as they should.

The PQ are a disgusting bunch at the moment.

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