Bring Back The Expos. Here Are T.C's Modest Conditions

Talk of baseball returning to the big M.T.L. is heating up again thanks largely to the efforts of former Expos outfielder Warren Cromartie.

I'm all for it under the following conditions:

1) The brand and logo of the Montreal Expos remains.
2) The stadium be entirely PRIVATELY funded. If it's a good business proposition then business will invest and we'll buy the tickets. None of this funded by taxpayers nonsense.
3) The stadium be state of the art. Contract bids MUST BE OPEN AND TRANSPARENT lest it becomes another typically Quebec scandal. There's no reason why we shouldn't strive to build a cost-efficient, state of the art, unique stadium like the one Juventus built in Turin for its legendary soccer club.

Are we capable of achieving this? I gotta be honest, I at the moment I have little confidence we can.

From Wiki:

"The construction project aimed to ensure a low environmental impact of the work of the construction site via the use of advanced environmentally sustainable technologies. This stadium is constructed to reduce energy consumption from non-renewable energy sources by reducing waste and optimizing the resources available. The stadium can produce the electricity it needs using solar energy captured through photovoltaic panels; it produces warm water which heats rooms, changing rooms, kitchens and football field through a network of district heating, heats hot water for the dressing rooms and kitchens of restaurants using solar thermal systems. These alternative energy sources are aimed at helping stadium meet the criteria dictated by the Kyoto protocol by generating multiple results:
All the concrete from the old Stadio Delle Alpi demolition have been separated and reused for the new building; other materials left have been divided into types, in order to be recycled, resold or reused throughout the new stadium’s construction. The reinforced concrete used for the steps has been crushed down and reused as a supporting layer of the soil, with almost 40,000 m3 (52,000 cu yd) of concrete put towards the construction of the new stadium’s foundations. Around 6,000 tons of steel, aluminum and copper were recovered, the re-use of which provided savings of more than one million Euros.[10] The implmementation of this sustainable construction policy has ensured a global savings of approximately €2.3 million."

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