Logic Prevailing In Living Wage Idiocy

The people are speaking out on Reddit and the lessons are awesome!

They absolutely eviscerate the buffoons (the unions are probably behind this insanity because, you know, they're crazy) pushing this $15 /hr crap.

This should be forwarded to President Obama. Maybe he'll quit the class warfare bull shit and lead his nation properly. Instead of saying "Look, I know it's tough but there are other options. You shouldn't be raising a family on these jobs. Maybe we need to reevaluate our choices.  There are, for example, vocational jobs that pay much higher wages that one can consider. A fast food job is great for the kid looking to get a job to begin his resume. To learn basics like discipline, saving money and being punctual. It's a means to another end. That kid should strive to be employee of the month, an assistant manager and then maybe one day manager. If he achieves this he can begin the process of building a career. Perhaps buy stocks into the company that gave him employment. It's a shared experience between employee and employer. But what if higher minimum wages do take that chance away from a 16 year-old kid? What happens to him? Does he become a ward of the state? Companies will find ways to survive be it by outsourcing or automation. It's their jobs to ensure the overall viability of their businesses last over the long term. Nothing could be more responsible for workers. It's not my job to demand wages for one segment of the economy. I'm not a CEO or even a manager. I don't have the skills to make those decisions. I'm not the great equalizer. 

Maybe not. That would be to humble and practical a position for this ideologue to take. Scary thing is I see this gibberish being imported to Canada and Quebec in particular.

Anyway. I'm happy to see the push back with facts and basic understanding what all this can mean.

This is a very, very easy thing to refute. It makes no sense on no level.


The comments keep giving:

"Poor ignorant fools who don't realize that when one does a robot's job, one should not make oneself more expensive than a robot? "


I, Robot.
I, make hamburgers very fast.
I, no ObamaCare.
I, no worker's compensation.
I, no vacation.
I, no file discrimination lawsuits.
I, no vote Democrat.

I, take your job, dumbass.

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