How To Save Taxpayer Dollars: Into The Minds Of Des Moines Councilmen

"This is the fair and best thing to do for the tax payers of Des Moines. It will save them money of all the options in front of us,” council member Chris Coleman said.

Chris Coleman. Take a bow. Take. A. Bow.

Let's see.

The city of Des Moines illegal collects taxes from people so you tax them more to save money? Worse, it's "fair?"

That's where we're at, huh?

How about this? Just cut everyone a a check for the money owed. It wasn't your money to begin with and take a loss? Why not? Government wastes so much on corruption why not waste on doing the right thing?

The key here is this:

"The city approved bonds to pay for those refunds but now must find a way to pay off the bond.
City leaders say it has just three options to pay for that refund:
  • Cut city services with the biggest cuts coming from police and fire protection
  • Raise property tax rates for 20 years
  • Raise the franchise fee for seven years"
In other words, once you get past the trickery, the taxpayers will pay the bond off through higher fees. I fail to see how taxpayers are made whole here.

 Stop reading economics for dummies - the one with Obama's foreward. Obamacare will save the middle-class by tripling premiums! Know how? Your plans were soooo bad that when you actually get sick you won't go broke, that's how! Magic is illusion and illusion is magic.

While you're at it, your idea of civics and ethics is skewed beyond recognition.

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