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Liberty and democracy are not the same.

For example, you can have democracy and no liberty - tyranny of the majority. Just because the majority says 'yes' doesn't mean liberty has prevailed.

People tend to conflate the two especially in politics as if they work in concert with one another.

They don't.

Classic point: Quebec with its laws. Bill 101 "protects" the language of the majority but it only does so at the expense of liberty (ie French-Canadians and immigrants do not have the right or option to send their kids to the school of their choice. Those who do not fall into this dictate had to fight to earn their rights as we saw during the St. Leonard Riots. We have liberty to the extent the paternalism of the state permits). Other Quebec laws - 22, 178, and possibly 14 along with the Charter - are punitive in nature and have nothing to do with liberty. Nothing.

This is why it's outrageous the putzes claim to be like 'Jefferson.'

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  1. Democracy: there is a group of animals on an island... 7 wolves and 5 sheep. They vote on each proposal. A wolf offered a proposal on what to do about food: he said "I propose we eat the sheep." The motion carried every time. So much for democracy.


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