Make That Cake!

I don't know.

If I were these two, I'd simply go to another baker. Fuck him.

How do you go to the baker and say "Ok, I want the chocolate cake." Worse, and be pains in the asses about it! We all know clients can be unrealistic in their demands.

I don't agree at all that a judge should compel someone to perform a business exchange they don't wish to engage in.

Wouldn't surprise me one bit if he'd make the shittiest cake simply out of spite.

The guy doesn't want to sell to gay couples. He's a jerk. His belief, his business. He didn't open it for YOU, ME or anybody else. It was the profit motive and if he feels his business can survive without certain segments of the population is it really the state's place to interfere?

Move along.

But that's me.

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