Quebec's Petty Education Laws Restrict Free Choice

It's no secret the current state of public education in the West is strained and increasingly irrelevant. Humans being the innovative sort we are have already begun the process of offering options for parents who no longer feel public schools, myself included, in its current form is good for their children.

In our case, we're seeing certain traits in my daughter of concern to us. Particularly, she's exhibiting the same unrest I had in school and this is not good in terms of staying focused. Part of the problem is the sense of being trapped and not having the liberty to 'roam' to clear our inner-anxiety. I didn't have a learning disability but by scattered attention span meant I couldn't be all I could be in terms of grades as dictated by the provincial curriculum.

I always wonder how many thousands if not millions of kids who were ill-served by the formulaic, one-size fits all education system. The bottom line is the free thinking spirits, the budding entrepreneurs and the outside the box seekers could never really fit in.

They were known as eccentrics and in a place where they were on equal footing with people who weren't in their world, this wasn't a good place to nurture their talents - unless they had the good fortune of having a great teacher to help them along. Unfortunately, the system has to keep grinding and this was more the exception than the rule.

In taking a moment to understand my kid I told my wife (a teacher of 22 years) this is not going to improve. She clearly has creative attributes and restless disposition I had. And I was miserable all of my school life probably because of the compulsory angle. So much so I rebelled and simply didn't see the point.

I don't want this for her. I want choice to explore other options.

And Democratic Schools are something we will look into further.

I wished i had this. What saved my 'education' career was when I was sent to a private prep school in Montreal where the classes were small and filled with people who faced similar challenges I had. I'm pretty sure I'm ADD by the way.

The school was filled with most interesting people who simply failed in the system for one reason or another. It was founded by a Canadian Quaker of British origin who felt kids like us deserved a shot at getting a University degree.They should not have to pay for the misapplication of education.

Now to be fair. Some of us were lazy. Some not too bright. Some came from the best high-priced private schools in the city. However, there was a good slice that just needed the right environment to succeed if not thrive. It was at this school I discovered - and was repeatedly told - I should seek a career in writing and was considered an above average student of politics, history, geography and English literature.

Ha, ha. I know but it did come easy to me.

Alas, while Democratic schools are allowed in Canada, it's not the case in Quebec which - in all its nationalistic and collectivist glory - demands the provincial curriculum be taught. All must be the same here. Distinct indeed.

I'm also pretty sure the demand we teach the nationalist point of view of history plays a role in this unbecoming and outrageous scenario.

Parents should be free to pick the school they want for their children in any language they choose.

Anything else is pure paternalistic and bureaucratic nonsense.

In today's world, there is absolutely no reason to have education be determined by a bureaucrat.

I'm sufficiently independent in my outlook and hold little regard for education ministers. I don't view them as having my best interest in mind. What they have in mind is a generic and outdated forcing all to be one.

I don't roll that way and want more for my daughter.

Hopefully Quebec modernizes because a 40% high school drop out rate suggests something innovative and radical is needed.

For a place that claims to be 'progressive' it sure can be a laggard.

The process should begin with one simple ideal: FREE CHOICE.

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