Pistol Jews; Belgium Turns Terrorists Into Waffles; Missed Target; Justice Man Soros; Racial Stats Are Racist; U.S. Labor Through Bad Times; Mutant Fish; Maryland CPS Stalks Family; Shaky Polar Bear Science; Protestors Need A Life; Shadow President Jarrett Speaks On Another Unilateral Action

Jews need to pack heat.

Good luck with that. You will hit a wall of pearl clutching, irrational anti-gun liberals yelling at you for being an extremist.

Self-defense is not a reason to carry a gun, okay?


Speaking of self-defense, Belgium thwarts ISIS terror plot by killing two salams.

Yeah those Belgians can be quite awful towards Muslims.


Target is closing all 133 stores in Canada. Its expansion into Canuckistan didn't go according to plan. It's hard to say why yet but sounds like they felt the buzz was going to carry them through and it didn't. When your shelves are half empty it kinda is a buzzkill and bound to kill sales.

And so it was. Target was in the hole $1 billion before it even began and its forecast for profitability (assuming their righted their operations) stretched into 2021.

17 600 people will lose their jobs.

Ouch. Wonder what that says about a pending consumer recession here in Canada.

Notice that no one is calling to throw money at Target to save jobs.

And that's a good thing.

Let the market right itself.

Other than that, it would be entertaining to watch another major U.S. corporation buy up their assets and set up shop if anything to watch hard progressives howl in disbelief and anger.


Koch funds hospitals, schools and think-tanks.

Soros...Ferguson protestors.

Stats that matter.

Was looking at Vermont's economic figures (don't ask. That's what putzes like me do to entertain themselves) and always found racial breakdowns to be meh. We do it here too.

I don't see the point.

We're always told we're ONE and EQUAL yet we obsess and nitpick over useless statistics based on race.


Okay so West Virginia has the lowest work force participation rate among U.S. states.

Still. There are too many red and green states (above the national average) when all of them should be blue.

The labor participation rate under Obama has been steadily declining. 


I don't fish or eat too much of it either but still...weird fish found in Nova Scotia.


Maryland CPS and the cops are harassing a family for letting their kids play alone in a park one mile from their house. Some nosy neighbor panicked, snitched and now the state is ready to fuck some people up.

Amazing in a sad, disturbing way. To me, the fact they had the parents sign some bull shit piece of paper under the threat of losing their kids amounts to state-adult abuse.

Reminds me when the uber-incompetent Massachusetts DCS wrecked Justina Pelletier to bits.

All for the children remember.


Surprise. Scientists mislead the media with a study about polar bear population dwindling.

By now, everyone should have developed a skeptical eye whenever they see 'studies' in the media.


Idiotic (and likely unemployed) 'Black Lives Matter' protestors blocked I-93 (a major highway in Boston) in both directions today. Later, they complained they had 'scratches' on their arms after being taken in by police. Shit, these people can't be this insufferable. They're lucky no one ran them over for making their day all the more difficult given the bitter cold in the North east.

Something tells me these humanists for humanity wouldn't give a rat's ass if a white guy like me who has a penchant for anise candy was lying in the street dying.

Other than that, nothing more patronizing - dare I say racist! - than pasty white folks fighting for black and brown minorities. 

Comes with video.


Heard Valerie Jarrett on CNN defend the President's Memoranda compelling business offer paid sick days earlier.

Heaven forbid he takes his ideas to Congress (ie the people's representatives) to gain legitimacy through debate and legislation.

Then again, this President is not about that. He knows all. He's the Light Bringer. 

Jarrett defended the action because they spoke to a whopping '14 small businesses' (that's broad representation to the government) who think it's 'good for business and profitability'.

That's not the point. The point is businesses all operate a different paces in different fields with different workforces and deals with employees. Coercing businesses into this is nothing but more state interference in places they know very little of through typical 'one size fits all' garbage.

Aside from the fact I wouldn't take anything this administration seriously (it's track record on the economy and understanding of business is beyond laughable and a joke), it's a false claim.

Just because it's good for those companies doesn't mean it's good for others.

Not even Quebec (a place with a wannabe Scandinavian) enforces this - for now.

It took me one year before I offered it and even then it was modest and for select employees. The goal for any small business is to make it to that magical '3 year' mark. To you yahoos who know jack shit about business, that's the point businesses generally reach stability.

In my case, because I'm in a service industry,  it doesn't improve my bottom line one penny but it does buy you good will from your employees.

Alas, we have to be careful conflating the two because the goal of any responsible business owner is to maintain the viability of his or her enterprise over the long-term.

Adding 'good intentions' on the cost structure that could wait doesn't help us one bit.

So Jarrett can you know what with her early 20th century bureaucratic drivel.

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