Juve's Giovinco Coming To MLS

The Toronto FC have signed  27 year-old Juventus forward Sebastian Giovinco. This could turn out to be a landmark deal for MLS given a player of such high caliber opted to come to North America in his prime.

The worry for MLS was being perceived as a retirement league for the world's top flight players as recently seen with Frank Lampard and Steven Garrard. With Giovinco there lies a possibility it could lead to more similar signings.

The 5'5'' Giovinco is a versatile forward (as is the case with many Italian players) who can be used in many formations. He can act as a second striker, a false 9 or even 10 if dropped back. He possesses  outstanding dribbling, passing, and vision to go along with good speed on the pitch.

While Giovinco has been able to get consistent appearances for the Italian national team under manager Antonio Conte but has not been as fortunate cracking the starting 11 with any regularity with Juve being Tevez, Llorente and Morata.

That shouldn't be a problem with Toronto FC.

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