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Personally, I couldn't care less about forced or fabricated 'diversity' that's corroding the halls of politics and academia, and corporate culture. No, that doesn't make me a 'racist' you remedial hack. It just makes me a practical realist. If all my best applicants are Asians, that's who I'm gonna hire. I'm not gonna fuck over a better qualified Asian to hire an inferior black person.

Did I just write 'inferior black person?' Yes. Yes I did. Not to be racist (you assholes) but to illustrate a point. Look beyond the words a little.

The point is the integrity of your project, business - whatever - is what should matter. Not if you meet some creepy, bull shit quota dreamed up by some dipshit progressive designed to create a world in their superficial and dangerous mold.

Just so no butthurt idiot gets hurt (always wear your helmet clowns) reading what I just wrote, I will reverse it lest their feelings are hurt and feel victimized by a careless, capitalistic world run by patriarchs funded by the Koch brothers. "If all my best applicants are Asians black that's who I'm gonna hire. I'm not gonna fuck over a better qualified Asian  black person to hire an inferior black person Asian.

Has it occurred to these dumbasses that the diversity cult is, well, racist?

That's why Torvald is right.

His objective is technology. Not fulfilling a stupid mandate that could jeopardize his goals. 

Merit must ALWAYS prevail. ALWAYS.

If ignore or neglect this, the results will be self-explanatory.

Which, in part, explains we're in a race to the bottom.


Speaking of race to the bottom, this is what happens when you have no standards:

You get people like Priscilla Ward getting a platform to spew inferiour thoughts.

"These non-indictments reiterated what I’m up against every single day: the unintentional ignorance of white people. But I was also aware of my willingness to put away my justified “black rage” in order to ensure that my interactions with white people remain comfortable. And the more I hid it, the more crazed I became."

I know it's not right to poke the mentally disturbed but ZOWEE!

Yes. Because 'unintentional ignorance of black people' doesn't exist. No sir. No way. Na-ah. I hear dumb things about I-talians all the time and sometimes from black people! You don't see me running to my blog - or have the privilege of writing for an obscene rag whose only mandate seems to be BRING ME MORE DERP! - to whine about it.

Sheesh the self-absorbed arrogance passing off as bravery is pathetic.


Witness this exchange (and by all means, check out others in the link. There's more (and far worse) where that came from):

motorcycle 41 minutes ago
the author is young and is hanging around a very limited crowd culturally, intellectually and creatively. she needs to broaden her horizons more.
bigguns 22 minutes ago

@motorcycle She's doing that. Putting herself out to the Internet is a brave act. Have you ever broadened yourself to this degree and no, posting under a moniker isn't equivalent.

Holy crap. I hope this person has a really good helmet that absorbs shock.

Ms. Ward is brave? I had other adjectives...alas...

Yes. This is what passes as smart when you leave your standards drop to dangerous levels.


Section 2706 of Obamacare:

"What types of CAM and integrative health care providers does it cover?

It covers any state licensed or state certified healthcare provider. This generally means the inclusion
of chiropractors, M.D.’s, naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists, osteopaths,
optometrists, nurse practitioners and licensed or direct entry midwives and podiatrists, as long as they are licensed by the state.

Apparently, people were saying this was all 'right-wing' lies. Just like 'you can keep your plan if you like it' and 'death panels'.


Reminds me of this joke from xkcd:

I mean, people do realize that's all naturopathic products are, right? Dilution at triple the price. A simple research will reveal this. Or speaking to a pharmacist or chemist.


Vandalizing private property to get a message across is not the same as a publication - say, Charlie Hebdo - expressing free speech.

One commits a crime while the other is a manifestation of cherished and established Western values long fought for.

So when some loser, left-wing clown plasters 'Murder' over a movie ad (guess which movie? Okay, for word search purposes to drive traffic, I will say it 'American Sniper') all they're showing is A) they're ignorant hacks B) criminals (truth to power man!) and inviting more people to actually go and see the movie. Which I may have to do even though I had no intentions of watching it. From what I've heard and read, I doubt it's a flick glorifying murder.

Funny. I don't seem to recall people acting like bankrupted and deranged luniles when 'Saving Private Ryan' came out.

People getting worked up in an irrational hissy fit about the film probably don't even know what they are supposed to be angry about (given all of them probably haven't even seen the movie).

This is what sane, sober, rational and right thinking people are appropriately criticizing.

Some people are having fun at the expense of faux self-rigthteous progressives.

They so richly deserve to be mocked and pilloried.


The fucking animals in ISIS kidnapped a Japanese journalist and private contractor and looks to extort the Japanese government out of $200 million.

It's what psycho, barbaric, terror-criminals do.

But keep believing it's all about 'Imperialism' as they fight the good fight.


More importantly, it's pretty sad Japan doesn't have the military capabilities to mount a rescue operation. Not so sure Canada would be able to either without some American assistance.


The Federalist catches liberal media (c'man. At this point it's pretty obvious, no?) in a climate change play on words.

Which isn't very hard to do if you try.

Other than that doesn't this right-wing, anti-science extremist know about the SCIENTISTS OF THE  CONSENSUS TABLE?


Speaking of awesome snipers, Simo Hayha (aka White Death to the Red Army) was total bad ass.

 "...was a Finnish marksman. Using a modified Mosin–Nagant in the Winter War, he acquired the highest recorded number of confirmed sniper kills (505) in any major war."

If American Sniper was called Finnish Sniper it would be accepted in progland.

You know it. I know it. The little squirrel climbing our tree knows it.

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