Cranston Dies; Not A Snub Afterall; American Sniper Breaking Records - Progressives Wonder How Dumb Americans Are; Brazilian Scientists Make Coffee Discovery; Who Kicks In And Takes In The EU; Losing Minds Over Deflated Footballs; EU Not On Good Path; Progressivism Under Duress; Apache Helicopter Mows Down Terrorists; Canadian 'Bubble Boy' Seeks Medical Treatment In U.S.

Legendary and magical innovative figure skater Toller Cranston passes on.


How dare they snub a movie about MLK! Even it the movie was bad! Bunch of racists!

LA Times:

"In fact, DuVernay didn't lock up the picture in time for distributor Paramount Pictures to send screeners of the Christmas release to SAG members. Translation? The movie may not have been seen by enough members to secure coveted noms..."

Oh "Oh," replied Edith Bunker.

So it's the producers fault. Nice.

Feel stupid now?

You should.

Other than that, it's amazing how people react to a lousy award ceremony known to be somewhat specious in its selection process. Actually, people put waaayyyy too much emphasis on awards period as if the winner is the be all, end all of all things.

In other words - deep breath - who fucking cares?

You don't need a damn award ceremony to validate your work or art.


'American Sniper' smashing all records and will probably become the most successful military movie of all-time. I'm gonna guess Middle-America (the Heartland) and the South are the demographics driving this. We all know Northeastern and Pacific Americans are too smart to go see the film.


Brazilian scientists discover a protein similar to morphine in coffee beans.

That explains...a lot.

And academics produce specious study about needing to ban coffee in 3...2...


Graph shows which EU give the most. Hint: Germany, Britain, France and Italy. And takes the most. Hint: Poland, Greece, Hungary, Spain.

Yes, Italy is totally like Greece and Spain.


Throw the Patriots out of the Super Bowl! Argggghhh!! Grrrr!!

Roxanne Jones is just being racist.

And hyperbolic.


Congressman has a message for NFL.

We're officially in retarded territory.

I would think the Republican from Nevada Dean Heller has more important work to do?

Lord, I hope he does.

Harry Reid is, who also decided to chime in, the last man who should talk. I'm sure his closet is filled with skeletons large enough to have created a skeleton diaspora.

Behemoths of integrity they all are.


The European Union will not survive on its current trajectory. 

And people are beginning to lose confidence in the super supra-national Leviathan structure.

From the onset, Italians were the biggest supporters of the EU of any country along with Germany.

Their confidence is eroding and I see this as a sign.


Here's my theory of what's going on out there. Progressive ideals manifested through various government programs are currently on the defensive. So much so their only response is to deem critics to be 'extremists'. Problem is, the public - to the extent we can know and understand it - aren't interested in the political side of the argument. All they see are the results. And the results have been getting worse with time.

The public - ie the people - are more informed than they've ever been and they know they are plenty of interesting ideas and options outside the 'universal' and 'public' realm. They simply - rightfully -want to explore it.

The entrenched interests (particularly unions) are pushing back but they're not doing so by engaging in the hall of ideas. They're doing so by striking and taking 'the fight' to the streets demanding for all sorts of things that ultimately are paid for by taxpayers while claiming it's for the 'greater good' and 'the children'.

The statutes of limitation on that shtick has run its course.

Looks like to me anyway.

Hence, we're all right-wing, extreme, tea-bagging, Harper-Koch neo-cons on the Exxon pay roll.


Call me macabre but that was cathartic. Awesome.


Good luck to Etienne Blais.

As is usually the case, the Canadians find themselves seeking medical care for serious ailments down in the big, bad USA where an uncaring medical system awaits them.

We have the better system.


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