Patriot Deflation

"It spoke volumes about the perception of New England's resident football genius. Shula is a man of character and credibility. His words hold weight, far more than a blustery Ray Lewis embarking on a rant dismissing Tom Brady's career because of the tuck rule. That made no sense and had no merit."

So much wrong in this quote by Jackie MacMullan in a recent article on ESPN about balls being deflated (I gotta watch my phrasing) during the New England-Indianapolis game.

Not to say anything but they could have spotted the Colts two TD's and they still would have lost with or without properly inflated balls. I guess this is why people get so worked up. That is, the fact the Patriots don't need to do such things.

Meh. I've seen a lot of shit during my playing days in soccer. One time, the opposing team made sure the area in front of the keeper had no grass filling the area with dirt and rocks so he'd be reluctant to dive. In hockey, teams would always mess around with equipment notably sticks and goalie pads.

And we all know about pitchers in baseball.

I think this whole thing has more to do with who is doing it rather than the actual act itself. I'm pretty sure New England is not the first and last and only team to pull a stunt like this. Moreover, these things don't determine an outcome of a game. The NFL can demand a replay and the Pats will likely still hammer the Colts. Belichick outcoached Pagano and Brady is better than Luck. Simple as that.

The hate on New England reminds me of how people went unhinged with Italy in soccer. At one point, you could swear only Italian soccer players pushed the laws of the game. Yet, as any true fan of the game would know, they were no worse than any team including self-righteous nations like England, France and Germany. Some of the worst offenders in the history of the game were South Americans. Specifically the big three powers in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Italy's record next to those countries is saintly. Holland have produced some notable 'cheats' as have Portugal, Spain and the United States. In fact, when you put together the worst soccer offenses in history, Italy's presence is rather thin.

They all dive, cheat and try to gain an edge.

But Italy, like New England, have a style that people don't tend to like.  Add they're high profile teams and you get instant irrational hate.

As for MacMullan's silly character bit. Ray Lewis I agree. This man should not be on television treading the moral tight-rope act.

But I jump off the Shula is a man of 'credibility and character' bit. It never ceases to amaze me how journalists consistently bite on this nonsense not just with athletes but with celebrities and politicians. These people operate in amoral environments for fuck sakes so it's not a stretch most didn't always play to our lofty and irrational expectations of 'doing things right' and 'playing the right way.'

Let's go with character first. Didn't he accept a job with Miami while under contract with the Colts?


And who know what drives Shula to say such things about another coach but I do know one thing. Belichick's body of work in a salary cap era dwarfs whatever petty things he did to stretch the rules of the game.

And does MacMullan actually think people will forget the Mud Bowl or when Shula did the unsporting thing of running up the score in a 52-0 win over, ironically, the Patriots in 1972?

Kinda insulting no?

As usual, we let the passage of time alleviate past indiscretions to try and pump up a person.

I'm sorry. It don't work this way. It's called 'those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.' It's also called being honestly aware of one's own record and keeping their mouths shut before attacking another person.

How this simple, basic law of human nature escapes the writer is beyond me.

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