Even By Krugman's Standards This Is Heavy

Is Krugman for real-real?

"Let’s start with jobs. France has low labor force participation by the relatively old, thanks to generous retirement programs, and by the young, partly because generous aid means that few need to work while in school, partly perhaps because a high minimum wage and other factors discourage youth employment. What about prime-age workers? Figure 1 compares France and the United States. It’s a good thing we know that France is the country in crisis, isn’t it? Because otherwise you might get confused by employment performance that looks much better than ours."

Krooooogman does realize he argues strenuously for wise European type policies for the USA right?

Maybe not. He argued the stimulus didn't work because it wasn't big enough.

Mind of a liberal I guess.

Shock the system or was it monkey?

I forget.

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