11 Dead In France

At least the French are accepting it for what it is. Terrorism and not 'work place violence' as Obama did with Fort Hood.

Officials in the West pretty much know who the extremists are. Many are out in the open spewing their bull shit and hate on TV and radio like in Britain.

Which begs the question at this point.

When will they all be deported? 


Remember folks. This stuff 'only' happens in violent America. The advanced, wise and sophistimicated Europeans have avoided America's yahooism because of strong gun control, balanced and common sense hate-speech laws, and belief in DIVERSITY.

They will literally kill themselves with political correctness and stupidity. 

And Canada is not too far behind. I mean, nobody can kill anyone in Canada because gun control. See Edmonton and Calgary.

I keep waiting for people to put 2 and 2 together. But they seem to only double down on the idiocy.

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