Hayes: Another Progressive Clown

No Christopher Hayes, you're the one in possession of twisted and irrational logic.

First off, anyone who is fabulously wealthy - as in the 1% - but talks in 'down with the 1%' and 'soak the rich' rhetoric, is a disingenuous hack and disconnected their brain long ago. In fact, if you frame your narrative around superficial stupidities like '1%' and '99%' you're a remedial progressive hack.

Second, just because you wrap your compassionate musings around bacon doesn't make it better.

This is the problem with modern liberalism. Its staggering hypocrisy to the point of irrational.

Christopher Hayes         @chrislhayes

So much sanctimonious garbage & selfpitying nonsense from ppl totally removed from this horror, while those closest hv been models of grace

This from the side who still think poverty and lack of education is what causes nut case terrorists to shoot up places. That not using certain words as to not offend will somehow ease the minds of Muslims. This from a side that has properly been tagged 'useful idiots' for their profound ignorance of history and for allowing emotions to drive their narrative.

As if that wasn't bad enough Chris chimes in with this:

Christopher Hayes         @chrislhayes

"Hold them all responsible" is precisely the evil logic of terrorism.

Does he realize he just check mated, well, the modern progressive angle?

THIS IS PRECISELY what he and his side does whenever something happens in America. They're the first in line to put on the pseudo-intellect face and paper hats attacking the NRA, Tea Party, social conservatives, anti-abortion and Christian extremists,  and every other group they have an axe to grind with. Sometimes it's not even a group. They take dead aim (always without proof remember) at one person. Say, Sarah Palin?

Is there more an intellectually vile a group of ideological and contradictory buffoons trapped in group think cubicles than progressives?

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