Maher Repeats Liberal Myths But He's Right About Charlie Hebdo

Easy Kimmel. Maher brilliant? Easy.

What the stewing rabbit does that make me? Alighieri Newton?

I'm glad he no longer considers himself a libertarian but a 'proud liberal'. The latter suits him way better but at least he's on the right side of the Charlie Hebdo story.

He's bang on. And we are Pussy nations - USA and Canada.

However, I submit there wouldn't be an 'outcry' by liberals if Muslims were beheading Catholic gays as opposed to just gays in Mecca. On the contrary, Liberal progressives have been nothing but hostile to all things Christianity.

So again, he gives his side credit where it's not deserved. Liberals defend Muslims more than they do Christians. It's all part of their idiotic politically correct ethos.

Liberal progressives - without question - are the least committed and consistent when it comes to our cherished values once long ago liberal in its roots. My Lord, does he not read the anti-liberty screeds that come out of The Nation, The New Republic, NYT, Salon, Slate, Huffington, ThinkProgress and increasingly The Atlantic as well as a few others?

I read more offensive and dangerous articles on those sites than anywhere else.

Also, I submit, through liberal policies, the oppressed minorities he claims to be defending are ill-served. The Democrat Plantation as it were. Liberal progressive policies are not compassionate. They enable.

Sorry Bill. The only group of people defending liberty for all to its death are Libertarians. Not liberals.

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