Dead Minds All Around Me

Like I said, Charlie Hebdo has flushed out all the pretenders and crazies out.

Gawker: Misses the point in asking 'How much did we need this blasphemy?' I dunno. How much do we need, I dunno, Gawker? Maria Bustillos?

In fact, how much of anything do we need?

Progressivism truly is a disturbed mind set.

Ah, the attempt at deep thought only to be on shallow grounds.

Moving along.

Matthew Sadbeard Yglesias chimes in with his usual collection of strung words ending up in a cul-de-sac.

"When we find ourselves feeling the need to valorize the courage of scabrous, offensive cartoons in order to affirm the right of their publication, we are operating in a framework made by terrorists."

/face palm. God you're a cowardly insufferable prick.

Chalk another one up in the 'yeah but' corner.

Go suck an elk's dick, Matt.

Hey, Maria! How much do we need Matt?

Moving along. Sigh.

Slate comes in with this thought-provoking take pitting Hebdo as both racist and heroic.

If you're a person endowed and blessed with, let's call it a brain, you may want to keep a napkin nearby as it may induce tears of sadness or vomit.


And this priceless tweet from some jackass at the New York Times.

Yeah I'll remember this the next you assholes publish a hit piece on Judaism and Jews and Christianity.

I think you can go fuck an elk.

Like I said.

Charlie Hebdo flushed out who the pretenders are.

The rest of us have to keep fighting the good fight.

Freedom and liberty can't be negotiated. 

CBC, NYT, Salon and all the others in between dead sheets, take your place at the back of the wall.

You're officially useless and can't be trusted to defend our most cherished values. Choosing instead to walk along the insane politically correct path filled with sloppy sophistry and dangerous, empty platitudes you deem to be 'enlightened'.


Get out of my sight.

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