Listen To Your Betters Or Else

Just what North America needs more of. A prosecutor negatively affecting the good Samaritan aspect of human will should worry us all.

With self-righteous assholes interpreting the law literally like Towne around, it would be no surprise people turn the other cheek whenever they an animal - or worse, human - in distress.

At which point, as assholes are apt to do, he'd go after someone for not being a Samaritan.

How this guy became prosecutor is beyond belief.

"Both federal and state laws prevent people from touching or otherwise interfering with animals in the wild, but there is a federal wildlife good Samaritan law.

House Bill 109 would allow anyone who finds an injured, sick or crippled wild animal to take possession of it and immediately take it to a qualified rehab facility, according to Pritchard."

Heaven forbid it would end up in private hands with equally able hands. But that's where we're at. Everything must go through the state for approval. Free will and action is all but gone and if you do exercise it, they will prosecute.

He called the Department of Natural Resources, which eventually called him back and said to leave the birds alone. He didn’t let them know he had the eaglets already, perched on sawhorses in his garage.

Like how they inserted 'eventually' called back.

He disobeyed top men, see? Only top men can interfere because top MEN.

"Regardless of the eagles’ outcome, La Salle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne said he will continue to pursue the case. Towne said Patterson has a conviction for wildlife tampering in Wisconsin and has had run-ins with conservation police in the past.
“He thumbs his nose at nature and the law. All under the guise of being a hero,” Towne said.


 “He did more harm to that eaglet than he did good. Had Patterson not intervened with the experts dealing with the situation, that eaglet would not have had to be released after 18 months of incarceration,” Towne said.

This is so disgusting. Experts? Paul Krugman is an 'expert' and I WOULD NEVER have him around my money.

Again. TOP MEN.


My personal experience with 'my betters' in my business hasn't been, shall we say, wholly productive.

It's very hard to take seriously the commands of people who haven't the first clue on how to run a proper and successful private daycare; let alone run a business. The pass judgment on a whole slew of things I have a better grasp than they do from hygiene to diet. But they have the pad and pen with their codes so they must know something we don't, right?

Trust me. They don't.

Why, it's enough to make a cynic of an optimist and/or skeptic!

The whole fricken bureaucracy is filled with civil servants - tagged as 'experts' who hold power over others who are more knowledgeable.

But guess whose views prevail?

So if top people tell you to fix tiny, little paint chips in your office because children, you do it however irrational it is.

Like I said, no productive or helpful.

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