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Legendary Mr. Cub Ernie Banks dies.


Powerful New York politician Sheldon Silver taken down by friends.

More on Silver, a Democrat, here.

Oldie but goodie here. Just a reminder why free markets are superior to anything any left-winger pushes.
Hope it had Scott's.

Nine years later not a whole lot better.


DeWayne Wickham is the latest academic to weigh in on his thoughts about free speech.

"DeWayne Wickham, dean and distinguished professor of journalism at Morgan State University, published an editorial this week in USA Today that essentially argues free speech rights should not and do not give people the right to make fun of Mohammad.
He argues that Charlie Hebdo, in its latest cartoon image of Mohammed, has “gone too far.”  The “offensive depiction of Mohammed” should not constitute free speech, the journalism professor suggested.
The College Fix reached out to Wickham via email to confirm whether he was suggesting that the First Amendment does not protect insulting Mohammad. He replied that interpretation was incorrect but did not elaborate, nor respond to follow-up emails. "

So what's wrong with this? He is a 'distinguished' free speech attorney.

I would consider this a cause for concern.

Wonder how he feels whenever Jews and Christians are attacked.

Other than that, he hasn't said he's been misquoted...yet.



Oh, and they'll argue to the death why their position - foolish as it is - why is the 'sensible' one. They'll pull out every tired, hyperbolic and misguided analogy they can find. They'll drag you around until suddenly you're sucked into a spinning carousel of sophistry.

Consider this I pulled out at Raw Story:

"DriveBy lardheppus • 4 hours ago
I understand where you're coming from, but I don't like the idea of unrestricted freedom of anything including the freedom of speech. We're all driving on this road so let's set some rules before we all crash into each other and kill us all.


I feel we have to draw the line at hate speech.... speech of the kind that got Dr. Tiller killed and the Gabby Giffords gathering shot up.
Only regulated freedom in moderation is true freedom. Freedoms without moderation can lead to hate speech that takes the freedoms of others, mainly minorities, away so it becomes counterproductive. Let's not forget that Christianity is a fascist concept and fascism should never be allowed to run amok a civilized society."

Quick reminders because I don't want to give people like this too much of a platform to spew their nonsense:

-Giffords was killed by a deranged schizophrenic for no reason at all. It had nothing whatsoever to do with hate speech. And the Dr. Tiller example is cherry-picking on his part. Strike One.

-Christianity precedes Fascism by centuries. I have no idea how he saw it intellectually fit to claim it's a 'fascist concept'. This is an all too typical and superficial position taken by progressives when it comes to Christianity. They remember all the 'bad' stuff but absolutely neglect to understand its positive influences. Besides, Mussolini - like the good socialist he was - loathed the Church. Strike two.

Another popular poor analogy they use is 'corporations engage in slavery' completely neglecting the simply historical fact slavery dates back 5000 years and is a creation of the state.

-Yes, those hate-speech laws in Europe really have helped Jews, eh? Strike three.

The truth is hate-speech laws are useless and amount to one simple thing: Censorship. And loss of freedom. Not more you fucking idiot.

There's no such thing as balanced speech. There's only free speech.



"Auschwitz meant that six million Jews were killed, and thrown on the waste-heap of Europe, for what they were: money Jews. Finance capital and the banks, the hard core of the system of imperialism and capitalism, had turned the hatred of men against money and exploitation, and against the Jews … Anti-Semitism is really a hatred of capitalism.”

Ulrike Meinhof, left-wing German terrorist of the Red Army Faction in the 1970s.

Which only reinforces that Nazism, Fascism (Mussolini was a socialist), Socialism and Marxism come from the same friggin' cloth.

“Money has made slaves of us.”...“Money is the curse of mankind. It smothers the seed of everything great and good. Every penny is sticky with sweat and blood.”
 Shorter Goebbels: Jeeeewwwwwwssssss!


Jonah Goldberg provides a nice article on the frailty of the Jewish existence in Europe.

I fear that when push comes to shove, Europe will not defend the Jews - as was the case so often throughout its history.

I found this paragraph interesting:

"And if there were a billion Jews in the Middle East, HarperCollins would never have edited out Israel from its atlas. The publisher was recently embarrassed by the revelation (first reported by the British Catholic magazine The Tablet) that it had been selling an atlas “developed specifically for schools in the Middle East,” promising “in-depth coverage of the region and its issues” that nonetheless left Israel on the cutting room floor. A spokesman for the subsidiary that put out the map told The Tablet that including Israel would be “unacceptable” to their customers in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere. And the customer is always right."

It points straight into the make believe world Arabs live in. It's a society to easily given to conspiracy theories because they deny reality. And we enable that behavior. By...

"Since 2006, the U.N. Human Rights Council has condemned Israel 50 times. It has denounced human-rights violators such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China zero times."

Which is why the UN is fucking immoral and useless.

And filled with supreme shit stained assholes.


A research study by Brookings on Canada's financial system.

Question: Does Canada have more or less regulations than the United States banking system?


Tuning out: Lowest number of people watch SOTUA in 15 years with 31.7 million soaking in Obama's penchant for stretching the truth and selling his usual progressive agenda. In 2008, 52 million watches his first speech.

20 million people were washing their hair I guess.

Or 20 million people got tired of being made the bad guy in Obama's America.


Great moments in communism: Khmer Rouge loved their blood.

Elizabeth Warren, I'm told, doesn't drink blood.

What being a good capitalist and all.


Imaged obsessed Obama inexplicably allows popular youtube stars to interview him. 

Embarrassing for real.

Very wtf.


Baldwin is hilarious. And not in a funny way. Notice the ridiculous strawman he hurls. Of course, he doesn't ask the credentials of Moore for making his own cowardly statement.

Apparently, you need military credentials to know sniping is a legit part of the military. Why, snipers protect world leaders!


On King Abdullah's passing:

“As our countries worked together to confront many challenges, I always valued King Abdullah’s perspective and appreciated our genuine and warm friendship,” President Obama said in a statement issued by the White House. “As a leader, he was always candid and had the courage of his convictions.”

Remember when the left used to Bush and the House of Saud? Yeah. Why that fat head liar Moore even made a movie about it!

"Still, Abdullah became, in some ways, a force of moderation. He contested Al Qaeda’s militant interpretations of the faith as justifying, even compelling, terrorist acts. He ordered that textbooks be purged of their most extreme language and sent 900 imams to re-education sessions. He had hundreds of militants arrested and some beheaded.

But he was also mindful that his family had, since the 18th century, derived its authority from an alliance with the strict Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam. He accordingly made only modest changes to the kingdom’s conservative clerical establishment. When Islamic State forces conquered vast stretches of Syria and Iraq, imposing a creed linked to Saudi Arabia’s own, the kingdom was slow to respond."

It's all relative. Moderation in a barbaric country that is. I guess.

Saudi Arabia is home of Wahhabism. The virulent strand of Islam at the root of terrorism. 


Disparity in cancer care in Canada.


Prince Andrew and his sex slave.

Clinton knew the pedophile Epstein and even took money from him involved in this sordid sexual tale.

Scum bags. All of them.

Remove 'Prince' from Andrew and what do you get? An immoral Andrew who is a human being nothing more, nothing less. Royalty my ass.


Remember the Canadian company CGI hired to set up Obamacare's exchanges but was a massive flop? The IRS hired them.

Sure. No cronyism here. Sure.


About Boehner meeting with Netanyahu. The White House is upset the Republicans didn't pass it by them. Of course, Napoleon over there doesn't like it. Perhaps it was 'declasse' but Congress doesn't have to do so. It's actually a good thing. But that a President pulls a hissy fit over it shows too much power is increasingly concentrated in the executive branch.

In any event, Pelosi voiced her displeasure. I mean, she would never do such a thing right?

Pelosi 'shrugged off Bush's criticism' - as NBC put it - and went to see Assad in defiance of Bush in 2007. Of course, in 2013 Obama wanted to bomb the shit out of Assad.

Nothing screams foreign policy success like this sad episode.

It's not the first time this happens. House Speaker Jim Wright met with the Ortega and the Sandinistas in the 1980s against Reagan's wishes while Jim McDermott went to Baghdad in 2002.

But, you know, they're 'good guys'.

Here's a quote I found but lost the link (sorry):

“There are things you simply don’t do. He spat in our face publicly and that’s no way to behave. Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price,” he said.

Or else what? Some youtube star-tart apparatchik will call the former Israeli special forces operative who fought in the Yom Kippur war a 'chickenshit'?

I wonder who is the real 'chickenshit'?

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