Twitty Tweet

This minor inconvenience is brought to you by a major injustice.


Notice the presumptuous, arrogant nature of this statement.

I suppose the possibility of this shut down not being minor to others doesn't enter the minds of protestors.

Perhaps this person needs to ask themselves a simple, basic human questions: What if a child is sick and is in need of care? What if someone is stressed and needs to deliver something on time? What if someone is tight for time for work? What if someone wants to get to their family before a certain time?  What if they have a dying loved one?

What if your actions has a negative impact on another person's life? Do you want to willingly take part in obstructing the everyday lives of private citizens?

There are other ways to get a message across and lemme tell you, if I was in traffic it would turn me off to the protests.

And by the way.



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