Common Sense Censorship

Let's take a long trip back to the 80s. Frank Zappa takes on PMRC:

Needs more Zappa. 



  1. Did you also read John Denver's comments as well.
    That guy really hit the hammer on the head of the nail.
    Never mind how he was often stereotyped...the guy was a genius in terms of perspective and perception of the overall bigger picture.

    1. Yes I did. Osmond too made some salient points. The PMRC is dead but progressive nannyism persists. It's interesting to note that Zappa attacked Kandy Stroud and the Republican party for its censorship but Stroud is actually a Democrat and remains part of that fold to this day. Same with Tipper Gore.


    2. Problem is: Censors often "can't tell the difference between bean paste and crap".


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