Capitalize Cuba And It Will Prosper

Let's quash this in the bud.

Not surprisingly a collection of quarter-twits and dimwits and dumbwats are making the usual subtle anti-capitalist noise about the potential of Coca-Colinization of Cuba in the aftermath of yesterday's to normalize relations between the United States and Cuba.

Case in point Fox's Shep Smith:

Last thing the Cuban people need is a 'Taco Bell' and 'Lowe's?''Ruin' Cuba? Is he shitting me? Cuba is already ruined for all intents and purposes.Smith is channeling his inner Justin Trudeau I see.

Fox is a conservative organization. It goes to show how deep progressive derp runs. Which is why I stand by my belief it's progressive thinking and policies that's currently directing the slow downward slide of the West. I digress.

Communist Cuba is a hell hole. It's only 'beautiful' in the areas designated for tourists and most people don't move from their little all-inclusive paradises to explore what communism has done to the island. And if they do they don't seem to connect dots very well. They just shrug their shoulders and head back to paradise. After all, what do they care? They'll meet and mingle with some locals and declare it's not so bad!

But if you sit and ponder, you realize it is exactly that bad. That Cubans put on a brave face and smile is not proof they're happy. How can you be happy always looking over your shoulders wondering in fear if a friend or neighbor is spying on you waiting to report you to the authorities? How can you be happy rationing food? Literacy? One of the most over played cards in the progressive tactics of turning a blind eye to Communist propaganda. Ditto health care. I went to a pharmacy in Cuba. Hard to be one when you're not stocked properly with medicine. Entering a bank in Cuba is like entering a prison there were so many guards. It's not healthy by any stretch of the imagination.

I don't know why progressive defend Cuba so much except to conclude they're pampered, elitist twits.

Cuba is a segregated island keeping tourists in one hand where they have access to things Cubans don't have and destitute Cubans on the other. While Westeners bask in the glory of the Cuban sun, Cubans hang around...waiting and wasting under the dark clouds of communism.

Yeah, communism bad but...McDonald's!



Quick word on the notion the embargo didn't work.

Cuba maintained trading with Canada and the EU. Not exactly poor countries capable of providing Cuba with everything it needed.

So the notion that Cuba is poor because of the American embargo is nonsense. Sort of like how we used to hear America was 'starving' Iraqi children even though Iraq still was trading with the EU. Whatever, the Americans didn't send, the Europeans could easily fill in the demand.

The problem lies elsewhere.

I'll let you guess.

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