Police Killing Of Civilians Up

The police in the USA are claiming police murders are on the rise mostly, I reckon, to garner public sympathy and support.

But are they accurate?

Out of context - run for the hills!

In proper context - chill.

Police murder rates are roughly on par with civilian casualties, yet we're supposed to somehow feel more sympathy for one group over another?

In fact, as Ron Bailey of Reason notes, police killing of suspects and civilians is the highest on record in 20 years according to the FBI.

I bet killings of dogs are up too.

The report has it pegged at 461. But Killed By Police shows it closer to 1400.

No kidding. Anyone paying even remote attention know SWAT alone and their war on potheads has rendered blood on their hands.

Pay little attention to the pro versus anti cop dichotomy framed in the media and by the police.

The cold hard fact is reform is needed. From the War on Drugs to police tactics and training.

If anything, that's a fair criticism that I see as support for police. By doing so they will maintain good will among the public at large. If they continue on this track, they will lose the hearts and minds of people in the long run.

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