Death Of The Progressives

Author Brad Thor suggested what ails the black community is liberalism.

"Brad Thor         @BradThor
As liberalism collapses and bankrupts cities, towns, states, and even the nation - racial politics and class warfare is all they have left."

I submit liberalism has been dead for over a century. What we're probably seeing is the collapse of progressivism which is lumped in with liberalism. Not just a collapse from a financial perspective (we've run out of other people's money; or perhaps people are just fed up of paying for other people under the specious guise of the 'common good') but an intellectual and even moral one as well.

Have you read what passes for progressive intellectualism over at places like Thinkprogress, Jezebel, Daily Kos, Salon, Slate and Huffington? Not pretty. 

At all.

And like we saw prior to Fascism and Nazism with the collapse of classical liberalism leaving a vacuum for those ideologies to rise, it's not out of the realm of possibility something will rise from the ashes of progressivism.

Here's hoping for a classical liberal revival. 

In the meantime, Thor's point stands.

Stop believing in the progressive agenda and its impractical promises that will only end up hurting your feelings.

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