Garry Trudeau Shrugs Shoulders Before Truth And Facts

So...the mask drops.

“We had some internal discussion about whether the flaws in the [Rolling Stone] reporting mattered here, and we concluded they didn’t,” Trudeau tells The Post’s Comic Riffs of his talks with his syndicate, Universal UClick. “U-Va. is only used as setup to get the reader to consider the larger problem of institutions prioritizing their reputations over the welfare of those they’re charged with safeguarding.

“That issue has remained front and center,” Trudeau continues, “and even U-Va. recognizes that sloppy reporting doesn’t change the fact that they have a huge problem within their culture.”

They 'concluded' BIG PICTURE.

I think it was a little more than 'sloppy reporting'. It was outright lies.

Facts are to be submissive to the narrative.

Sad. Pathetic.

Trudeau, a cultist progressive at this point, doesn't give a whit about truth so long as it fits the narrative. He's worse than Jay Mariotti!

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