Maryland CPS And Police Are Tyrannical

And so are the people who call the cops on other people.

Snitches can literally go fuck themselves.

"The kids were picked up in a patrol car and brought home. The policewoman asked to see my husband's ID. When he refused, she said she was going to call for back-up. He said he would get his ID and went to go upstairs. She said - in front of the kids - that if he came down with anything else, "shots would be fired."

Maryland's finest.

All for playing alone in the park.

Welcome to the preventative society in all its hideous inglorious retardation.


  1. Who were the alleged officious asses who notified the authorities?
    This article doesn't say, does it?

  2. Alright it just hit me. The CPS are the officious asses in this instance.
    I should have read the linked article first before commenting. My bad.

  3. It is nosy neighbors who alerted police. It would be interesting to know the sort of person's mind set who does this sort of thing.


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