Profile In Utopia

Whenever you read someone inserting the word 'utopia' in their discussion quietly close down the browser and walk away.

Utopia is one of those code words used by the left and it usually ends up meaning 'Gulag'.

Since utopia is unattainable it's bound those who yearn for it will turn to coercive action to achieve this myth. In the process, it becomes a monstrous exercise in social engineering both benign (e.g. laws for own good and the collective) to the aforementioned grandiose (murderous) schemes of socialism.

Just look at the profile of a 'social justice warrior'. They are neo-jacobins bent on carving their own little piece of utopia; mostly through doxxing*, bullying, censorship, lying and hysteria. They DO NOT tolerate anyone outside the collective tribe.


Fuck yeah!

*Mainstream media has taken to 'outing' someone's personal information. During the height of the hysterical anti-gun campaign, newspapers in New England published the addresses of pro-gun advocates. The NYT also has been known to do so against those who do not support their agenda. Actors have also taken to this disturbing activity. Rosie O'Donnell has done it.  Doxxing is mostly used by the authoritarian left.

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