Mike Lupica Is A Liar

And his pants are on fire.

I'm stunned that he decided to go full blown asshole liar in this article.

To purposely deceive his readers about the difference of semi-automatics and fully automatics to push his anti-gun zealotry is nothing short of astounding.

I know. Standard MO for liberals. Take a subject other progs are ignorant about and further cloud it to confuse their minds.

This is what assholes do.

And for the record. Adam Lanza used a standard fucking semi-automatic (read a RIFLE) that has been for sale in North America for 100 years. It's your standard hunting rifle. Let's not get into shot guns as they're another type of long-gun. Let's keep things simple and slow for the ignorant liars.

Notice, moreover, the shameless tactic of appealing to emotions by posting pictures of some of the children killed.

Not only is Lupica and his editors (and they're far from the only ones perpetuating a lie and myth about guns) liars they're shameless jerkoffs with no honor.

The ends justify the means trumps facts and truths.

Yes. I will call out anyone like him for what they are whenever they keep up this lie.

Just go on youtube. There are no shortage of videos explaining the differences in guns.


Unfortunately, it doesn't begin and end with Lupica.

Some parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook want to sue the manufacturer as well as the distributor of the gun for "negligent entrustment".

I let you read and stew on that for a moment.

One can only hope a judge throws this and the lawyers out on their sorry asses for attempting such a stupid shtick.

Let's fuck with a person's livelihood despite not breaking any laws.

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