Shallow Thinking: Renaming British Columbia

"Stewart is a historical geographer, who has travelled all over the world. He thinks B.C. needs to have a conversation about other possible names-- names that more accurately reflect the people who live there.
"If British Honduras and British Guiana and British Somaliland have all managed to find new names in this post-colonial era, it kind of begs the question about why we still have ours."
Howard Stewart
He suggests a name that reflects B.C.'s First Nations, or its non-British immigrant groups. Chinese immigrants, for example, have been in the region for about as long as the British have. One idea is to take "Gold Mountain," the English translation of a Cantonese term for western North America, and translate it into Chinook jargon, a sort of creole language spoken by many cultures in B.C. in the 1800s."

Oh, shut up.

The usual left-wing, anti-white, vapid, racist,Marxist, vapid (yeah, I'm repeating it), pseudo-progressive bull shit. Nothing to see here.

From Exposing Faux Capitalism responding:

Here were my comments:
“By that logic, the street names in Kitchener like Cayuga and Manitou should be changed to reflect the current demographics of mostly White Europeans. The fact that this question is even being asked, and by our national taxpayer funded broadcaster, no less, is a sign of where the founding European culture of this country is headed [if] multiculturalism and sustained, mass immigration from around the world is continued.”
“Where things are headed if, not unless. And what’s with the timing? When lots of Canadians of German, Scot and Irish background moved to B.C. to retire, there was no call to have it renamed. It seems the driving force is the movement of non-European immigrants. While we’re at it, we should also change the name of Canada, since that was based upon a Native name, which the current demographics don’t reflect.”
And since they solicited comments, I sent them this email:
“With the recent CBC funding cuts, is an article and feature on one geographer’s musings about changing the name of B.C. such an important priority?
Perhaps we should also consider changing the name of Canada, since it is based on a Native name, which doesn’t reflect the current demographics.
Please, use your limited financial resources more wisely in serving the vast majority of Canadians and not what a particular B.C. academic is proposing.”
and this email to the UBC Professor of Geography, Howard Stewart:
“Dr. Stewart,
I came across the CBC article, Does British Columbia Need a New Name, in reference to your call for a name change, based, in part on changing demographics.
By that logic, we should also consider changing the name of Canada, since it is based upon a Native name, which doesn’t reflect the demographics of Canada ever since it was founded in 1867, and to this very day.”


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