Lost In Translation: The PQ And Business

My new slogan for the PQ talking about business: Arret!

That the PQ is bad for business is nothing new and quite a well known non-debatable fact except for old world nationalists increasingly irrelevant in a modern world.

The immediate challenge is to establish the Parti Québécois’s credibility with the business community at home and abroad through its budget on Tuesday.

Do these people listen to themselves? She has a loon of a finance minister, just finished threatening that Bill 101 will extend to small businesses, is being taken to court by major corporations growing tired of the banana republic application of language laws, constantly muses about higher taxes on all levels, and wants to restrict access to English Cegeps to citizens and immigrants alike and she wants to establish credibility?

You can't get that which you do not possess.

And if there's one thing they lack, it's credibility on business. Lots and lots. Oodles and oodles.

Part of that credibility gap is tied to its tired language paranoia.

With what strategy exactly do they plan to achieve their objective? She's proven to be divisive and inept. In any event, I think she needs business not because it will create a prosperous society but because it will bring in tax revenues to fund more unsustainable social projects.

We knew the PQ were going to be a runaway mess and a joke, However, this is getting obscene.

Reminds me of one of personal favorite quotes:

'To know nothing and be able to express it!'

They deserve every thorough criticism and chastising hurled their way.

The damage they've caused since 1976 is incalculable.

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