Youtube Plays Its Part In Creating An Ignorant Class

Youtube is great. But it's also evil. It's getting involved in something they would be wise to avoid: Policing speech and ideas.

It's getting to the point where the definition of what constitutes 'offensive' is wide and loose.

You would think calling someone, say, a 'nigger' is their standard and it hovers at that standard but you'd think wrong. It enters the foray of subjectively determining what is legitimate criticism and what is not.

Take this video and the Battle of the Bulge. Youtube nixed it. You mean to tell me a twerp at youtube is sufficiently well-read, mature and intelligent to make that call? Of course not. They probably have a 'check point list' and away they go. Snowflake identity preserved.

If this subject (and war history is obviously a difficult subject matter sure to cause much debate which indeed is the point if you're gonna foster a strong critical thinking society and culture) is off limits, then we're on a terrible path to creating a generation of ignoramuses. Shoot, my own personal library of books and periodicals (that runs in several hundreds if not thousands at this point), would run afoul of youtube or risk being metaphorically burned by Google (who recently listed California Republicans as 'Nazis') and youtube.

This is highly problematic and contributes to an cult of ignorance I'm witnessing.

Not too long ago I was part of a discussion about WWII with a couple of British 'mutes'. I was flabbergasted and distraught at not only the ignorance, but the arrogance at insisting on being ill-informed (e.g. Americans started WWI, Canadians and Australians didn't contribute to the war effort, Hitler and Britain were going to have peace until the USA ruined it. Rubbish along those lines) about basic, irrefutable facts of the war. I was unable to understand the source of such ignorance until it was explained to me by another Brit of an olde generation (and therefore more literate) that what I was saying is simply no longer taught in British schools. A sort of 'erase from memory' curriculum is making mush heads of British kids.

Hence, why you see them tagging everything a 'fascist' and a 'Nazi'. Obviously it 'makes sense' Trump fits the term. Anyone can when it has no meaning. Even I qualify as a Nazi to these people.

They have no clue of what those terms are because they weren't taught and they clearly haven't invested the personal time to investigate it. If you're not on a personal quest for truth, then you're vulnerable to propaganda and lies fed. If you're properly armed, then you would easily spot BS and the lies of what, for example, CNN and other outlets pimp.

Youtube is a potentially wonderful an powerful took in helping to keep people informed and enlightened where politicized schools won't.

It's a harmful shame they're sliding in the wrong direction on this.

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