Faux-Intellectual Hypocrites Of The Day: MacFarlane, Maher And De Niro

Celebrities say the darnedest things. They know and see all and are willing to impart their words of, ahem, wisdom and genius with the rest of us grovelling peons.

We may not have tires on our front yards, heck we may even have nice teeth, but make no mistake, you may as well to these fine, upstanding paragons of good taste and moral mores.

First up, Roberto De Niro. A bello! A king among actors has devolved into a laughable, angry old man inflicted with TDS. He hasn't stopped 'resisting' and he has the painkillers to prove how hard at work he is raising his fist and swearing at the President.

Fuck Trump! Wooo! Applause! Wooo!

So much for that 'civil discourse' the left keeps harping on about, eh?

Never mind that De Niro has his own personal demons battling with alcoholism and drugs. Trump for his part, doesn't drink and never has done drugs.

One is brokering a peace deal with North Korea and accomplishing some concrete things, The other makes shitty movies now and is reduced to pompously lashing out at the wind.

Maybe he can team up with Meryl Streep and write a book!

Wake up, Punchy! Make it happen!


Reminds me of the latest Tweet by some actor named John Legend who said 'Fuck you' to Paul Ryan about families being separated. Like he gave a shit this was happening under Obama too.



Oh Bill Maher. /waves hand nonchalantly. Giggles.

You're so cute on how you pass your cynicism off as critically thinking. Adding jokes doesn't make it better.

I saw all I needed to know about the depth of Maher's intellectualism after I watched 'Religulous'.

A more shallow showcase in self-masturbation on the subject you will not find. Well, maybe not. There's plenty of ignorance on full display among the progressive left's ranks when it comes to religion.

So it's not surprising from the mind of this sterling intellect he hopes for a recession so that Trump can fail.

Like how they like to tell us to be civil, the left claim to defend the interests of the middle class.

I wonder. How is hoping for a recession helpful to the middle class and below? They're the part of the economy that would disproportionately be affect most by one. Loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of dignity and so on.

But Bill doesn't give a shit. If he did, he would have thought twice about saying such a stupid thing. If he did think, it only points further to his own pomposity and hubris.

Bill and his pals in Hollywood can withstand a recession. They have millions. They can sit and wait it out while sipping martinis while raping each other both sexually and with their sharp wit.

What do they care? They don't have to face the family that can't make their car payments. Sorta like how wealthy progressives love the minimum wage. It don't impact them none. Only those icky deplorables. You know, the ones where urabn-granola-academics pack a peanut butter-jelly sandwich and head off into the interior of Deploraland on a safari.

Here we see a waitress in Cletusville, Kentucky serving patrons in their natural habitat. Later, she will   pick up her daughter from high school and go shooting at the range. It's the most queer of things but full of love!

A cent' anni!


Another one who has bitten more than he can chew is Seth MacFarlane.

He's embarrassed to work for Fox.

Okay. So why still work there? If you're soooo principled Seth, I mean, why keep cashing their cheques?

Oh. You think it's safer to virtue-signal from afar than actually put your money where your hypocritical mouth is?

Fox made him fabulously wealthy. He hates Fox.

That in my book makes him a hypocrite.

Seth is more Peter than Brian.


All three. Hypocrites (and in the case of perhaps two of them even opportunists) we all know where Dante placed hypocrites.

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