Jack Dorsey: Coward

And a pathetic one at that.

It's kinda ironic he called out, eh? Well, if you want to call it a 'call out' by Soledad (a Harvard grad!)

If Dorsey was remotely thinking he'd realize 'man, we're really not free with al these shrill assholes ready to pounce on anything we say or do!' but he isn't so he won't.

Also, why is he posting receipts of his lunch anyway? Grow up already.

Honestly. He feels he was 'wrong' to eat Chick-fil-A?

Are idiot progs still on that stupid story?

I could have thrown this in the derp links but I want this to be a stand alone.

Remember kids, he decides what gets blocked on Twitter. And Dorsey has revealed himself to be a progressive. The reaction from the remedials who inhabit its cult progressive ranks has been predictable.

That is, without rational thought.

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