Short Derp: No, Bill Wasn't A Victim; Mueller: Hero To The Left; Scum To The Rest; Eagles Disappoint

Let's keep this real, m'kay?

Bill Clinton sexually took advantage of a college intern and when it became too much of a distraction he and his wife - The Witch - destroyed the girl's life.

The Clintons are awful, awful people. And the fact they have the gall to continuously claim they were victims of something is beyond the pale.

To anyone with a properly calibrated moral compass, they're a couple of opportunistic sociopaths.

How the DNC squares their alleged respect for women with these two is a mystery. Well, it's not that much of a Clue moment. Recall feminists came to his defense and left the actual victims out to the wolves.u

And Hillary. What more has to be said of this loser?

The Clintons have no class. Have you heard from the Bushes since they left office?

On other hand, the Clintons and Obamas keep their faces in the news.

No class.


In watching the banana republic antics of Comey and Mueller, a thought occurred to me. Namely, imagine the horrible stuff FBI/CIA bureaucrats turned a blind eye to?

Bureaucrats are beholden to themselves before the people and the truth.

Mueller's past is prove of this.

And quite a scummy one at that.

Mueller is human garbage. He also hounded, if memory serves me right,  two people during the anthrax that led to the suicide of one.


Call me crazy, call me old fashioned but as a long time Eagles fan since 1980, I'm very disappointed in their behaviour.

The idea they won't go because of the President is disrespectful to the office.

I wonder how these guys would feel if someone did it under Obama.

Oh, Tim Thomas did and do you remember the reaction? The left called him every name in the book but I'm sure they've shifted their opinion this time around.

Everyone needs to chill but with the Warriors set to win another championship, I expect more of this nonsense.

Regardless of the anthem or kneeling, the bottom line the Eagles were playing stupid political games and Trump called them out.

They need to get off the DNC plantation. I don't recall Obama doing a whole lot for their community. Trump not only has a history prior to politics of helping blacks, black unemployment has dropped under his watch.

The players don't seem to grasp fans who pay a fortune to go watch games don't want to be lectured by them. People aren't stupid. They know it has a lot to do with Trump. They know hypocrisy when they see it and they're right to call it out.

Players have a right to speak, but not on their employers dime. Simple as that. Do it during the week. Write op-eds.  Do it in the off season. All the power to you if you can change opinions and minds.

But the reality is the fans have spoken and its not resonating. Not because they're racist or ignorant. But because it's not the place to do it.

The Eagles should have taken the high road. They won a title for crying out loud. It's celebratory!

Instead, they chose to let politics get in the way.

Very disappointing.

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