North Korea Agrees To Denuclearization

This is probably the most significant foreign policy development in the last 25 years. A war begin in 1950 that never really ended may finally come to a close with North Korea looking to lay down its aggression.

I find it very odd the way the progressive left is reacting. They'd rather have South Korea and the region in danger so long as 'Drumpf' doesn't get credit is the short of it from what I can decipher - to the extent you can decipher remedial progressive logic.

Not sure why they're banging on the 'we just legitimized a bad man' drum when they applauded Obama with normalizing relations with Cuba - a communist dictatorship run by murderers.

Trump's diplomacy tactics are interesting. He knows how to assuage a sociopath egotistical dictator like Kim. By contrast, perceived beta males like Macron and Trudeau (and famously low energy Jeb Bush), he employs a different hook. I'm almost sure it's by design.

In any event, who cares? Let them spit into the wind. We all know how that ends up.

This is a true piece of peace by Trump.

We'll see if the boobs at the Nobel Peace Prize committee have the balls to give him one.


The other part of Trump's foreign policy outlook is he's once and for all calling the bluff on the charade where the military is concerned.

For decades we all knew the United States military was subsidizing other nations militaries. It allowed, so the theory goes, for them to go off and build generous welfare apparatuses (though the U.S. has a pretty elaborate one itself - progressive welfare is a powerful aphrodisiac). That is what they saved in kicking in maintaining their militaries or NATO, they shifted into welfare.

Lucky them.

And are they grateful? Or at least mindful so that it's discounted in their rhetoric?

Not in my opinion.

At every turn, they seem to enjoy chastising the United States for its 'backwardness' and 'uncivil' behaviour towards its own citizens.

It's an unfair and inaccurate charge if you ask me, and it sounds like Trump is a President that represents a large segment of the American population that has tired of it.

Don't like us? Arrangez-vous is what he's saying.

It gets even more dark when you consider Europe tends to tag along (or when it's safe initiates its own) on various U.S. led missions - mostly to defend their interests under the umbrella of American guns. France loves to have America do its dirty work and then insult it when something goes wrong. All this plus they declined to finish paying back the loan portion of the Marshall Plan. Heck, I think they just stopped paying in the 1960s. How's that for gratitude?

And we have to listen to France yap on about the G7 becoming the G6? Ma va.

That's the last country Canada should align its interests with.

In any event, these are just years of observances and it seems to have reached a 'we've had enough' climax.

The world isn't ending.

On the contrary, outside a few progressives in Hollywood and urban centres, Americans are relatively pleased.

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