Feminism Is A Racket; Britain Is Not Well

Women who claim only men benefit from white privilege while themselves come from wealthy backgrounds are obviously disingenuous and projecting.

The whole 'you're a racist' and 'toxic masculinity' shtick is tiresome and lame.

It's a belief system made by and for anti-intellectual and remedially minded people.

Feminism have no inner honour. They couldn't care less for average women who suffer. They care about their own damn privilege to maintain and cottage industry to profit from. They scream more about nonsensical stories about Trump than they do the plight of gays and women in the Mid-East where the threat against them is real and on a level you just don't see in the West.

Yet, we're the 'bad guys' so to speak.

As for Western values being superior, the mere fact we have feminism proves it is. Feminism is almost non-existent anywhere else. Among other things.

Northern Europeans often mock Italy and other southern European (ie Portugal, Spain, Greece) nations. But from where I sit, those civilizations and their value structures remain in tact. SJW/PC virus has not penetrated those places (like in Asia) like it has in Northern Europe and North America.

Southern Europe may not possess the political stability and economic organization of the North, but it makes up for it at the social and cultural level. Where it matters most. The institution of the family and belief in Christian values continues to have an impulse there.

And it shows.

I can't fathom how something like ignoring Rotherham and Muslim 'grooming gangs' can happen in a properly calibrated country with an unbroken moral compass like we see in the UK.

As for freedom of speech and liberty at large, Europe as a whole doesn't get a passing grade unfortunately and this needs to be rectified.


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